*Paused* The Master of Death: Faith (Book one)

In this first book of the soon to be (hopefully) series of three, you follow the adventure of three friends' fight for survival as they discover what happened to their three fellow students who were murdered in a space of one week. The dead include Matt Hardell, Summer Thompson and Faith Dowery. And the alive, Shane Ford, Chloe Grace and Leo McAlister, all students of Fate High. Their enemy? A master of fear and darkness... A 'face' you'll never forget.


2. He comes for me...

I rush past a large pine remembering the smell of think blood from both the man's victims. I hear howls and screeches from the predators of the night. Moonbeams add to the creepy surroundings, casting shadows that look like beasts coming to devour me. Then, suddenly, he is there, the faceless one. I came here to get away from him, because I knew he would be coming for me next. A note had been left at the site of Summer's killing. The same happened with Summer's name at Matt's death. Only, at that time, no-one knew what it meant. Now there is no doubt they will when they see Summer's beautiful face, now pale and her now unblinking sapphire blue eyes.


I ran like the wind trying to get away from him, from my sealed fate.


It didn't work. I Dashed around a clump of old oaks, slightly out of place in the forest of Pine, and then He was there. I stopped dead. I knew there was no point in running as he would only find me again. I had frozen with fear. I stared at his marble-smooth face, if you can call it a face. Where his eyes, nose and mouth should be there was... nothing. Only pale, smooth skin. He reached out a bony, white hand and laid it gently on my shoulder. I shuddered as my mind started clouding over, my vision going blurry and my heart began to race. Vicious stabs of pain struck my body  like lightning. I now know how Summer felt when she died.


Howls of pain escaped me as I sunk to my knees, feeling the rough bark of a tree and soft feel of mud under my hands. As my body started to shut down, I lost control and started to have a wild seizure, my eyes leaving my killers emotionless 'face'. As my body thrashed, I tasted a metallic liquid fill my mouth. Then I stopped, stone dead, and felt my life slip away.


They say as you die your life flashes before your eyes. They're right. I saw memories surface from the sub-conscious part of my mind. Locked away for a while could leave them desperate to get free as soon as possible. I saw my family on my fifth birthday, everyone laughing and having a great time. My first kiss and my boyfriend Shane Ford smiling with a twinkle in his eye. And the most recent... my baby sister Marigold, smiling brighter than the sun. My memories... All of them happy... All of the precious...


I was anxious to see one more vision of beauty before I departed. So I strained my eyes past my murderer, tears streaming down my pale face, and managed to glimpse gentle blue moonlight reflecting off everything, trees, a clump of rocks and, the best of all: A sapphire pond. And that is what I saw before I fell into a never ending chasm of darkness, pain and sorrow.


My name is Faith Dowery, and I hope none of you have to go through what I did. I died that night. A slow and painful death. The memories still haunt me now. Most of you may be wondering: If she died that night, how is she talking to us now? All in due time my friends, all in due time. There is one thing I can tell you now though. I was a victim. A victim of Slender man.



Author's note: If you enjoyed the story so far please post in the comments. If there are enough comments I will continue the story :). Thank you, and I wish you all the best. P.S: If you would like me to read your stories please feel free to ask in the comments :).

     - StoryDivine

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