why are you guys here

this is about a girl named emma and her best friend olivia and our soon to be boyfriends zayn and niall. Emma and i are in high school are ages are 18 and 17. We are corrently sharing a apartment when 5 guys come to our door.


20. Wonder

Olivia's POV

after my little talk with god my eyes opened wide and I sat  straight up.

"I WANT TO GO HOME NOWWW!!!!!"  I yelled

Then I looked around to see Emma sitting next to me on the right and on my left my mom Skyler standing behind Emma and Catie sitting on the end of the bed.  No Niall no Zayn no boys just as I figured . Just then the doctor came in and said "You have some visitors that would like to see you" 

I looked directly at him and said " that just sucks for them doesn't it I'm not in the mood to see them if there name is Niall Zayn Liam Louis or Harry if it's Richie Ben Devon my cousin or one of my aunts or uncles send them in. Well the doctor said I believe he said his name was Ben and his friend there was Devon so I will send them right in ma'am.

OK thanks I said as he walked away . Emma had to go out into the hall because she was getting a call.

Emma's POV

Zayn just called me saying he was breaking up with me for some girl named Perrie. Whatever i said I was going to break up with you anyway. But the least you could have done was come and see your sister in the hospital. But don't worry you don't have to she won't talk to you anyway. She is so mad at you and Niall and the rest of you guys she use to worship you but she seriously made me go home and take down all of her 1d posters all your CD's burned and her love for you guys was burned by all the hatred building inside of her. So don't bother coming back. We don't want to see any of you again. Your mom is so disappointed in you she seriously cries herself to sleep at night because of what happened Liv she saved me and Leah,Skyler,and so many other people. You know we were talking last night and she said how much she wish she would've just died. I cry at night sometimes. She is getting bullied at school again because of all the scraps and cuts she has she said she never wanted to cry again but at lunch sometimes I follow her to where she goes and she goes to the bathroom to cry . She thought Niall loved her she thought you were going to protect her but now she just thinks of you as the people she never wants to see again so good bye forever I hope i said with so much anger in my voice. Then i say Devon and Ben. Devon heard what i said and came over and gave me a big hug then they brought me back to Liv's room.

Zayns POV

THEY FOUND OLIVIA!!!! I screamed throughout the halls of house we where renting out.

Liam then came out and said "Dude they found her almost a month ago but she was just in a coma..."

AND YOU GUYS DECIDED NOT TO TELL ME! then i called Emma and she spazed about not caring about me breaking up with her and how i was not there for Olivia and My mom.

I didnt know that Olivia saved anyone she always seemed so calm and scared all the time like somebody was going to need to protect her. I cant believe what i have just done i screamed then sat on the ground and put my head in my hands.


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