why are you guys here

this is about a girl named emma and her best friend olivia and our soon to be boyfriends zayn and niall. Emma and i are in high school are ages are 18 and 17. We are corrently sharing a apartment when 5 guys come to our door.


13. no i cant handle this anymore!


i ran up to Catie my sisters room with Emma following close behind. when we got in to caties room she was lying on the bed motionless surrounded by beeping machines  i started crying next to the side of the bed and when the boys came in i didnt even bother to stop crying. Zayn walked up and gave me a big hug  then my mom walked in saw zayn she started crying and gave Zayn a hug. i am so happy they found eachother but right now i was a little more morried about Catie.

The boys gave me Catie mom and em a minute and i disided to leave i just cant handle all of this anymore maybe if i just dont keep contact all of this stupid drama will go away. with me and Niall breaking up me mad at jessaca catie at the hospital i cant live like this anymore im going t go move in with skyler and thats finall.

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