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this is about a girl named emma and her best friend olivia and our soon to be boyfriends zayn and niall. Emma and i are in high school are ages are 18 and 17. We are corrently sharing a apartment when 5 guys come to our door.


7. Home! or not?

Two months later

Emma's POV

Your free to go the doctor said to me and Liv Zayn got me out of the bathroom somebody put a stink bomb through the vent then closed it of and then i didn't wake up til the next day. Well Liv is still dating Niall and Me and Zayn are dating now  and its been going great except i know Liv is not telling me anything and she has been acting like somebody is trying to kill her all the time and sometimes i will hear her randomly crying most of the time she will lock the door and wont even let Niall in or me and i want to help her but she wont let me in.

Louis POV

please let me in Liv i can hear you crying in there. I could hear her say ''just go away i want to be by myself''

No we are all getting really worried about you mostly Em,Zayn, and Niall. She started to open the door and i pulled her into a hug then picked her up and brought her in the living room and put her in between Em and Zayn Zayn then pulled her in for a hug and then i heard Liam scream from the other room GROUP HUG!!!!

Emmas POV

can i talk to you alone?

Ya sure she said as she got up.

Liam's POV

they have been in there for awhile then Emma came out crying and then she ran to her room and Zayn ran in after her. Why is everyone crying? i thought to myself. then watched Niall get up and go to Liv's room then Niall walked back out and told us her parents are taking her across the world to Paris tomorrow morning.


Nialls POV 

Do you promise to Skype us every single night and you'll come on tour with us when you turn 18

i promise Niall she said

i will be back she said

i quickly said back no i will come for you in Paris remember it is the most romantic place in the world.

Then she said no where ever you are is the most romantic




Authors Note

please comment and tell me if you like it so far

- Lulu Rose

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