why are you guys here

this is about a girl named emma and her best friend olivia and our soon to be boyfriends zayn and niall. Emma and i are in high school are ages are 18 and 17. We are corrently sharing a apartment when 5 guys come to our door.


17. HELP!!!!


The Devil came in and I got a closer look at the guys face. It was the man that shot me almost a month ago! 

I looked at me then the knife in his hand. 

I knew this was going to be a verryyyyyy bad night. Worst then that night when I was little. Bad memories. 

That night when he left the room I had 5 cuts on my stomach 3 on my legs and 1 that goes from one side of my neck to the other. I was sitting in the corner crying my eyes out. I must have fallen asleep because now I'm having visions from bad memories in the past to ones that I don't think have happened yet.

* memories from past *

 Em whatcha wanna do?

Why don't we have Leah come over? 


that night Leah came over a guy Broke into the house. He had Leah in his grip. A gun pointed at her head. Emma was crying. I wasn't going to let him make me cry I had to save my friend even if we where only 8 we where home alone cause our parents trusted us. I screamed "IF YOU WANT TO KILL SOMEONE TAKE ME SHE HAS A BETTER LIFE AHEAD OF HER PLEASE JUST LET HER GO TAKE ME INSTEAD!!!!

he let Leah go shot me and left me bleeding Leah scared to death and Emma calling 911 and our parents. 

*back to normal time* 

i was braver then than I am now. I was right I can't let him get to me I can't cry I have to trust Emma to find me I just want to go home away from the people or just leave now I'm in to much pain right now to think.

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