why are you guys here

this is about a girl named emma and her best friend olivia and our soon to be boyfriends zayn and niall. Emma and i are in high school are ages are 18 and 17. We are corrently sharing a apartment when 5 guys come to our door.



Emmas POV

I ran up to Liv's  room but there was a no visitors sign on the door so i slid down the side of the wall til the boys came up and saw me there laying on the ground. they ran over to me and i started to talk ''the doctor came out it wasnt livs sickness that is the reason shes in there.'' they all looked at me funny and i continued '' she didnt tell me but shes still getting bullied and somebody tried to kill her.'' now they looked at me and i started crying and ran to the bathroom and locked myself in there and everything went blurry and then it went black.


Olivias POV

STAY AWAY FROM ME!!! i screamed and knew this was going to end badly. then i heard a gun shot and instantly blacked out.


Zayns POV

Emma just ran off and i ran after her then i heard the door click locked then i started saying stuff trying to get her out then she started to unlock the door and she didnt make it all the way then i heared her fall. then i thought for a moment and tried to open the door and i could hear her try to breathe but then stopped


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