Game Poems

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  • Published: 27 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Feb 2013
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Ever been playing a game you don't understand? Or, ever one a game and has a your moment of glory ruined? If so, read on!


1. The Game


The Game


As my hands sweat,

I thought about that bet,

How I gloated that I would win,

As his hand hovered over the king pin,

I gasped and thought: “NO!”

Don’t beat me and kick me down, you foe!

He didn’t move it, so I let it out.

I felt like I wanted to shout!

Phew, he hadn’t put me in check!

If he had, I would have screamed: “OH HECK!”

As it was my turn,

My fingers began to burn,

I didn’t know what to do! Maybe I should escape, and rush to the loo?

No, I won’t, I have to beat him!

Well, if I do, I’d probably lose a limb!

This lad I’m playing is quite, well, scary.

Really tall, big and hairy.

Oh help! What am I supposed to do?

For me I tell you, this is new.

Do I move this, or that thing over there?

I felt like I wanted to tear out my hair!

I tried to think, I decided, but re thought.

What type of thing would scary over here retort?

Probably “ Look! He can’t play chess!”

I wish he could get trampled on, by, um, Black Bess?

He kicked me and “hissed hurry up squirt!”

At this point I felt deeply hurt.

I grabbed a random piece, and stuck it on the board, trying to look confident, and not very bored.

It clearly doesn’t work, but then , as a shock.

He suddenly squealed: “NO NO NO!”

So I yelled; “Can you go? I hate this game it sucks, did you know?”

He looked up at me, eyes wide

It looked like the ends of the game had been tied.

He yelled again “you put me in check!”

Then I screamed: “Oh heck! I won did I not? Yes I think I did!”

And at that point I ran and hid.

When he found me, you don’t want to know,

Down the toilet, apparently my head had to go.

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