Game Poems

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  • Published: 27 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Feb 2013
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Ever been playing a game you don't understand? Or, ever one a game and has a your moment of glory ruined? If so, read on!


2. The Game - Connect 4


Connect 4


Hey! Me again! And this time it’s worse.

I didn’t even get time to rehearse,

To the best one ever!

Now it seems like a lost Endeavour.

I wanted to beat everyone in the land,

Even though, I wouldn’t mind being in a band!

No, I thought, After the chess, and the toilet, and Black Bess,

I would get it done, confident and proud.

I hope suddenly I am not allowed.

The game I want to win is Connect 4.

I know! I know! It sounds quite poor!

I love this game, and not bad myself.

I am good at other things too though,

scary rides like Stealth!

But this was no option, I had to win, then my reputation would be up.

I’d be like a trustworthy pup!

As I entered the room, a girl sat waiting. It was currently the one I was happily dating.

She smiled and waved, I craved I was dead.

The last thing I need is Mr. Scary in my head, taunting: “Oh look he has a girlfriend!”

That would drive me round the bend.

I sat down and we played and played,

Eventually I won,

Many choices made.

Then why did she have to get up and run?

Could I not enjoy the bliss of the win?

I guess not, she came and kissed my cheek.

Mr Scary seized the moment and shrieked.

“He’s got a girlfriend! And a scrawny one at that!”

She then turned, her ponytail flicked

She ran at high speed, jumped and kicked, Mr Scary In the head!

I stared and though: “WOW!”, then my girlfriend, gave him a: POW!

He fell to the ground and she turned and skipped, then just came to me.


She casually said it was her tool.

A good day for me. I hadn’t lost.

And as for my girlfriend, she’s part of my protective squad!

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