Nothing Like Us....

There is a new boy in town! Olivia doesn't fall in love easily, but, as soon as she saw him her heart melted.... **NOT FINISHED**


2. You Really Mean That?....

The lesson had finished and  i was just picking all my stuff up when i dropped my book, Justin picked it up for me and when he was giving it to me we were just staring into each others eyes for what seemed like forever but was only about 30 seconds, it was heaven though..

"Thanks" i muttered and smiled "Your very welcome beautiful!" Justin said, i blushed like mad! When he saw i was blushing he smiled and stroked my cheek and my knees went like jelly! "Can i have your number?" Justin said and smiled "Uhh, yeah, sure" I said and gave him my number while smiling.

Justin's P.O.V

She was beautiful! I have never seen anyone like her! From the moment i saw her i knew i wanted her to be mine and only mine. 'How on earth does she not have a boyfriend?' I thought to myself, confused. 

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