Nothing Like Us....

There is a new boy in town! Olivia doesn't fall in love easily, but, as soon as she saw him her heart melted.... **NOT FINISHED**


1. The First Sight

Olivia's P.O.V

"Olivia! Honey, you need to get up! You don't want to be late for your first day back!" My mum shouted up to me from downstairs. Today was my first day back at school from the holidays, i was dreading it! I hated school the only thing i liked about it was seeing my friends as my dad never lets me out or anyone over, but my mum, she was nice, whenever dad was at work she would let someone over. 

I wasn't sure what to wear so i dug through my wardrobe and found my black jeans, white 'Hollister' t-shirt and dark green beanie. I pretty much always wore a beanie but not this one, my green one was special to me, i don't know why it just was. I grabbed an apple before heading out the door and shouting "Bye!" to my mum "See you later, honey! Have a nice day!" She shouted back. 

I got to school and everyone was crowding round something or someone, i wasn't bothered so i just walked past. "The nerds back" I heard someone say, i shot them a glare and carried on walking. I got to the door and saw my best friend Mel standing there, she had been my best friend since forever and i lover her to pieces and it was the same with her.

 I gave her a hug "Whats going on over there?" I asked her. "Theres a new guy Justin i think" She said and smiled. She was always nice, she was the type to never ger annoyed with anyone and i loved her even more for that. "Justin Bieber" I heard someone say, im not sure who but someone said it "I think his name is Justin Bieber" I said to Mel She gave me a sarcastic look and said "Yeah". We both giggled.

We got into class and the new guy happened to be i out class. the teacher introduced him and said "I cant seem to find any spare seats for you Justin, you can choose where you want to sit" and smiled. Justin scanned the class and someone on the other side of the classroom called out "Come sit with me Justin!" He shook his head and carried on looking he saw me and the empty seat next to me and smiled. 'He isnt going to come and sit with me is he?' i thought to myself. 'There was about 15 other spare seats and he was going to sit with me?' My heart was beating like mad as he came over and said "Hi" as he sat down and smiled "Erm, hey" I said a bit nervous "I'm Justin, nice to meet you" He said "I'm Olivia, you too" I said and smiled as my nerves went down a bit. 

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