Nothing Like Us....

There is a new boy in town! Olivia doesn't fall in love easily, but, as soon as she saw him her heart melted.... **NOT FINISHED**


5. The First Kiss....

The next morning i woke up and looked at my phone (as i do every morning) *2 new messages* was written across the screen.. I had never felt so popular! But it was obvious it was Justin!

Justin:): Heyy!! Morning beautiful! Are you okay? :) Love you xxx

Justin:): Hey, babe I was wondering if you wanted a ride to school? Love you xxx

Liv<3: Hey! Sorry i didn't answer! I over slept again! :/ I would love a ride to school! Thanks! :D Love you too xxx

He replied almost instantly.

Justin:): Okay! Great! I will be there in 20 :) xxx

Crap... I had 20 minutes to have a shower, dry and do my hair, find something to wear get dressed and do my make up.. Oh god!

I had a quick shower and found my shorts and 'One Direction' vest it was boiling outside! I wore my purple Vans and put my make-up on lightly so i didn't look silly or anything.. To be honest, i think i looked quite nice! I grabbed a slice of toast and ran out the door. My mum was already at work, she worked at Hollister&Co. I know! Lucky her right! Although I was lucky too! She got me loads of designer clothes! 

I met Justin at the end of my road and got in his car. We drove to the school and walked in together... Holding hands.. Everyone was looking at us and shouting stuff like "What are you doing with her" Or "Justin dump her and come be with me!" "NO!!!! I LOVE HER!!!" He shouted to all of them.. I went as red as a tomato.

We were standing in the corner just staring into each others eyes.. I loved it. 

We were standing there for ages and i felt Justin move closer and closer and closer to me until.... I felt his lips press against mine and we kissed passionately for a while until someone threw a book at me and Justin -Which I couldn't believe- Went over and punched them in the stomach! I mean come on! He's new! He joined 2 days ago and he has already punched someone! But then again he joined 2 days ago and he already has a girlfriend! I found it cute that he was standing up for me though!


*Sorry for not writing much I didn't have much time! Comment for the next chapter! No comment, no chapter ;) IF i get atlast 1 comment I will update on the weekend :) 

Much love<3:)


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