Nothing Like Us....

There is a new boy in town! Olivia doesn't fall in love easily, but, as soon as she saw him her heart melted.... **NOT FINISHED**


6. My Baby's Gone Famous?

I woke up the next morning and a message had only just come through so i opened it up 

Justin:): OMG! Babe! You wont believe this! Reply ASAP!!!!!! Love you xx

Liv<3: Whats happened, babe? Love you too xxx

Justin:): Island Records signed me! I have my first single!xxx

Liv<3: Wow! That's great! I'm so happy for you!!xxx

I really couldn't believe it!

Justin:): Look on YouTube! 'Justin Bieber One Time' Its all about you! ;)xxx

Liv<3: Awww, okay:)xxx

*On YouTube*

'When I met you girl my heart went 'knock' 'knock'....'

I melted...

Liv<3: I almost cried on the first verse:')xxx

Justin:): Aww :) You know i love you :) xxx

Liv<3: I know :) I love you too :)xxx

Justin:): Good :) I need to see you! Should we go the cafe today? As its Saturday?xxx

Liv<3: Okay! I will get ready then you pick me up?xxx

Justin:): Okay, message me when your ready:)xxx

Liv<3: Okay, babe xxx

I grabbed my jeans and 'Hollister' tee and got dresses 'Shi-- Sugar! I forgot to have a shower!' I said outloud and ran into the bathroom forgetting my towel. i got out of the shower and noticed i had no towel and peeked my head out of the door to see if anyone was there, nope, no one, so i ran as fast as i could to my room and made it just in time before i heard my dad coming up the stairs, thank god!

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