Nothing Like Us....

There is a new boy in town! Olivia doesn't fall in love easily, but, as soon as she saw him her heart melted.... **NOT FINISHED**


4. From F to BF...

I was laying on my bed looking at the ceiling thinking... 'He called me beautiful, he said he would be my friend, he sat next to me in class, he asked me for my number... There is something wrong with this boy!' i thought to myself, well there was! I'm the outcast in the school, the loner, the one that no one talks to, and I'm being called beautiful and stuff? Its probably just because he is new and doesn't want to upset anyone or make a bad first impression or something! I bet next wee or something he will just leave me like the rest at least I'll be ready this time! 

The next morning i woke up and looked at my phone *4 New Messages* i opened them up and they were all from Justin

Justin:): Morning beautiful! Happy valentines day! xx

Oh my god! I forgot it was valentines day!

Justin:): You will have a great day today! I can tell ;) A beautiful girl like you deserves one xx

Justin:): Look i know we only just met the other day but... Will you be mine??xxx

My heart pounded, did he really just ask me to be his girlfriend? For real?

Justin:): Olivia? Are you okay? Your not answering your phone? I hope you say yes to my last text ;) xx

Liv<3: Yes!! Yes, yes, yes!!! Of course!!! And sorry for not answering my phone i over slept :/... xx

*A few minutes later*

Justin;): No its fine :) And I'm so happy! I could explode! Thank you so much! I cant wait to see you and wrap my arms round you and tell you how much i really love you! Xx

Liv<3: Awwh! I love you too but dont you think its a bit early? I'm not complaining i realy do love you! I love you to pieces, and i loves you ever since i saw you but i dont want either of us getting broken hearted?xx

Justin:): Who said love at first sight didnt exist?? ;) The only one who is going to be broken hearted is me! I wont stop loving you even if i have to! Your my world, my life and my heart<

Liv<3: Good;) I wont stop loving you either your my world, my life and my heart too<3xxx

Justin:): Good! :) See you at school in 10??xxx

Liv<3: Yeah, love you:* xxx

Justin:): Okay, love you too:* xxx

Did that really just happen? i scrolled through my messages like 10 times reading them over and over again to make sure that it was all happening... Yep! It was! He was mine and mine only! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now....

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