Tomlinson Love

Isabel Tomlinson is 18yrs old and her brother is louis tomlinson YES THE LOUIS TOMLINSON FROM 1D!


6. Truth or dare

Isabels POV:


The boys are reallly nice and that liam and niall are fit. "Isabel come play truth or dare with us" Louis called. Typical. I skipped over to the sofa were the boys were sitting and sat down next to liam and louis. "Whos going first?" I asked. "I will" Zayn said. "Liam truth or dare" Zayn asked.

"Dare" Liam said. Some of the boys "oo,ed" and i wonderd why then louis whisperd to me "Zayn always does some Intresting dares"

"I dare you to switch clothes with Isabel" Zayn said. Me and liam looked at eachother then when upstairs to change. I walked down the stairs wearing Liams top,hoodie and trackies and sat on the sofa. All the boys looked at me then looked away and waited for liam to come down the stairs. Liam walked down the stairs and looked... well... idk just weird. The boys went into a fit of giggles and then Liam sat down next to me again. I yawned slightly and snuggled up to louis. "Cuddly are we?" Louis asked smirking. "Boo you know i get cuddly when im sleepy" i said. I closed my eyes and felt being lifted up from the chair, i knew it was louis i smelt his colone. (dont know how to spell it sorrry".  "Night my little sis" thats all i heard before i blacked out.

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