Tomlinson Love

Isabel Tomlinson is 18yrs old and her brother is louis tomlinson YES THE LOUIS TOMLINSON FROM 1D!


4. Meeting the boys

Isabels Pov:


I woke up to everyone getting of the plane, I guess its time to get of. I grabbed my suit case and walked out the plane. I breathed in the london air, it smelt so diffrent to american air. I saw a taxie and then signalled it. "Where do u wanna go dear" The man  in the taxie asked. "Number 16 Chester street" i said. (not a real street i think). "Alright Hun" he said. -SKIP THE TAXIE RIDE!- "thanks sir how much do i owe you" i said opening my bag. "Oh no free for the pretty lady" he said. Whats the matter with men these days. I walked up to the door. I was nervous. I dont know why. I knocked on the door, i heard shouting then a curly haired boy opened the door. "Who are you" he asked. "Isabel, is louis here" i said kind of rudely. "LOUIS THERES A GIRL CALLED ISABEL THAT LOOKS LIKE YOU WHO WANTS YOU!" Curly said. Suddenly louis apeared out of no where next to curly. "GUMMY BEAR!" he screamed. thats my nickname for when we were kids. "BOO BEAR" i screamed back at him. thats his nickname. We ran up to eachother and gave eachother bear hugs. I realized curly had gone inside and left us hugging. RUDE!


Louis Pov:


Shes grown so much i miss my little gummy bear. "So do you wanna meet the boys?" i asked. "Sure" she said happily. I walked inside and all the boys started to stare. "Well boys this is Isabel my sister, Well thats Harry,Zayn,Niall and Liam " I said pointing at each of them. The boys were still staring, uh oh isabel is gonna go of in her little sass/tantrume mode. "What r u boys still staring at" she snapped. The boys jaws dropped. "Yeh u heard me quit staring. what u never seen a girl before?" She asked with attitude. "Boys shes kidding right Izz" i said. She was quiet. Then she bursted out laughing, "YOU SHOULDVE SEEN YOUR FACES!" she screamed. The boys shocked faces turned to smiles and they were all laughing with her.

This was gonna be a 6weeks..

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