Tomlinson Love

Isabel Tomlinson is 18yrs old and her brother is louis tomlinson YES THE LOUIS TOMLINSON FROM 1D!


2. Bye Mum

Isabels Pov:


"Sweetie have you packed?" Mum shouted

"Umm.. YEH MUM" I shouted back. I got my suitcase and ran down the stairs. "oh sweetie im gonna miss you" mum said almost in tears. "Mum ille miss you to but ille miss my plane" i said. I hugged my mum and said bye and ran out the door. I got out my car keys and got inside my car and drove to the air port. I ran inside "no,no,no i cant miss my plain" i whisperd. "CALLING PLANES FOR LONDON PLEASE GET INTO THE PLANE" a voice on a loud speaker shouted. "Phew" i whisperd. I ran to where my plane was boarding. I ran into the plane and sat down, I relaxed completley. My eyelids started to feel heavy and i fell asleep....

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