Three Ways to New York

Ellie Narbarough is getting old. Or so she thinks. She wants to settle down and have a family, so when she finds the amazing Zachary online, she gets in touch. This results in numerous chats, and the pair agree to meet up. But when Ellie gets to New York and sees another side to him, she wonders if Zachery is really that amazing. As she tries to work this out, the not-so-perfect-but-still-great Anthony enters her life, and tries to help her along the journey to happiness and true love, but doesn't realize he is only making it more complicated.


4. Baby Bumps

"You may begin."

I watched in fascination as Cadence sprawled out across three rubber mats, her sequined stomach sparkling in the rays of the sun, pouring in through the stupid giant floor to ceiling windows.

"Excuse me. But do you mind if I lower that blind a little? The sun is really-"

"Is this your studio? Are they your blinds?" Cadence giggled from below as the teacher made her way over to the mat we'd settled at, her thighs huge and wobbly in silver leggings.

"Err... No." I hate questions like that. Of course they're not my blinds!

"Right. Now kneel down, don't just stand over her! Hands on baby."

Gingerly, I knelt along Cadence. Cade sighed and relaxed, nodding knowingly. "Now rub baby Ellie." She mocked.

The teacher, who then introduced herself as Sonia, frowned and crouched by my side. "No! Like this... Slow motions." The look on Cade's face was completely unexpected. Her eyes widened and she grabbed for my hand. But then a slight smirk left her lips and she motioned to Sonia. "Perhaps you could both help me up? I'd err... like to join in the demonstration today, if you don't mind. Little Jo-Jo's really kicking."

Sonia looked delighted. Excellent!" She looked around. "Dave can help you." She sneered at me. "Not you... Ellie? This isn't a class for amateurs. Little lives are at stake here! There's no way we're using immature behaviour around these precious babies." She cooed at Cade's stomach, then jumped back and yelped as yet another sequin inged from its stitching - Cadence had accepted the mumsy maternity clothes, but something she would not put away was her sequins. This particular top had suffered more than her glittery dress; this top was the heart and soul of her entire three wardrobes.

I stuck my tongue out at her back as she turned, calling out to Dave, a big, lanky bloke with tousled hair and bright, intelligent eyes. An otherwise perfect man who I'd have loved to get to know properly... except for the fact that right now he was rubbing his wife's first born, preparing for their first born.

"What are you playing at?" Cadence winked and nodded over at Dave's wife, who was at that moment resembling the appearance of a beached whale, in her grey vest and tight, black leggings, her greasy, ginger hair slimy against the mat like seaweed.

"See her Ellie? She's a cow, an absolute cowbag. She glares at me every week, every damn week! Sizing up Simon and giving him flicks of her rank hair. He doesn't see it but I do! And it's annoying." She sniffed. "Time to get even Ells! You know what they say, revenge is always best served..."

I stalled. I never knew the proper saying. "Cold? It's cold right?"

Cade cackled. "I think. Who cares? But today? It's being served up hot and spicy!" She laughed again, then suddenly glared up at me. Well help me up!"

Dave was waiting at the front, his back arched as he stretched. After helping Cadence up, she waddled to the front, excusing herself as she tripped over numerous arms and bottles, where Sonia and Dave then lowered her down. Cade smiled up first, and then at Dave's wife. Wifey went to open her mouth, but suddenly got bustled by a young teenager, her own small bump glowing as much as her smiling face. Gossip Central opened it's doors as they looked from me to Cade to Dave, mouths spilling out words I couldn't be bothered to listen to or understand.

The girl's head snapped back up to me suddenly and she frowned. She's got a nerve, what the hell is she looking at?

"Eh! That bloke up front's not with your lass is he?" The freckled face of the girl and her tiny bump bombarded me, looking full of questions. "No. Didn't you know he's with-"

I caught Cade's cut-throat sign mid-sentence, so I smiled sweetly and whispered, "Well. He's not supposed to be. But..." I sighed and shrugged. "You know how these things happen right? Look at the chemistry between them." Frecklers jaw dropped so hard as she stared at the two of them in disbelief, I spat all over her jacket. She didn't seem to notice.

"Ya mean," She stuttered, glaring anxiously back at Dave's wife, "Them too? This close to home? Tanya'll be bloody upset if she finds out."

"Oh no! You can't tell her! Cade's going to end it." Frecklers must have caught my desperation leaking out, and I wondered if I'd gone too far. What was I thinking? I'm crap at pranks - Cadence has always been the naughty kid of the two of us.

"Oh don't worry." She nodded. "See my love over there?" A cheery, blonde-haired teenager looking about 9 years old waved.  She looked at me again. "4 times I've been caught wi' someone else before Max there. He doesn't know that though. I've changed." She looked grief-stricken. "Worst mistake ever." She grabbed my shoulders. Just make that lass of yours breaks it off." Smiling, she crawled back to her love. "I'm Grace by the way!" She called.

Cadence caught my eye and winked. Too bad Tanya caught that wink too. Tanya's face was almost slit into, her scowl coming right up to her dark, glaring eyes.

"Okay everyone! Position yourself as Cadence and Dave do." Sonia lowered herself around the back of Cade, kneeling behind her and placing her hands on the small of Cade's back, who was on all fours. "Arch your back Cadence. I'm going to rub in small circular motions to relax your muscles. Breathe deeply." Sonia got up, and Dave took her place. Show time.

"Tanya I'm coming! Ellie, perhaps you could help Max over there? I know I said your shouldn't cooperate, but you couldn't do a worse job. Poor Grace isn't benefiting as she should."

Within seconds of positioning myself by Max the lover, Cadence was moaning. Softly, but still moaning. I kept my head bent as I bit back laughs, whilst everyone stared at Cade, her body starting to move in rhythm with her moans. It was brilliant.

"What the hell is she doing?" Tanya scrambled to her feet, cheeks flushed, breaths coming out in little spurts.

Everyone's heads snapped up to Sonia. I realised, as she made pretty clear earlier but that I had failed to notice, was that this was her studio, and only she spoke out.

"Tanya honey! Cadence is demonstrating! I don't quite see your problem-"

"That bitch is practically screwing my man! And you don't see a problem?!"

The hush in the room was eery, but the hard thump of Ne-Yo in the air singing to come closer made it all just ridiculous.

"Tanya? Get out." Sonia spoke quietly, standing in warrior stance, her silver leggings suddenly resembling a suit of armour.

"But I paid for this class! I'm not-"

Sonia threw a fiver at her from her bra, ruining my new image of her. "That should refund you your missed half of the lesson."

All this time Cadence was still moaning. Dave had also started swaying slightly with Cade, It really did look like they were getting it on. Dave was practically out of it, his eyes half-lidded, his hand moving continuously.

Clearly outraged, Tanya stomped up to the front, pulling Dave from his rhythm. "Get the hell up!" She sniffed at him and smacked him on the shoulder, then leant into Cade's face.

Cade sat back on her haunches. "Bye Tan. And thanks for letting Davy help me up here." She grinned mischievously.

The sudden sound of the slap was harsh. Too far. That bitch is going the hell down.

In second I was grabbing Tanya's hair and squeezing her cheeks. Don't you ever touch my sister!"

"Get out! The four of you get out! This is too much stress for the babies!"

"Bye then Sonia! Next week is the usual time right?"  Without looking back, Cadence pushed herself up from the front mat and called to me. "Ells? Grab my bag hun."

The tension in the room was unbelievable. I got a whole load of stares, and a few thumbs-ups, except for Grace. "Bye lass! Nice meeting ya!" I smiled back, but not before flicking Tanya the finger.

I waved to Sonia, grabbed the rucksack and headed out. Cadence was sat on a bench at the end of the street, watching a little toddler and her mom cross the road holding hands. She smiled and waved when she saw me, and then burst out laughing. I limped down the street, hardly breathing myself from all the giggling. We linked arms, rounded the corner, and turned in for coffee at the local café.
















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