Minecraft tales Volume I

This book has stories about a Creeper, pig and Steve.


1. The very lonely creeper

Steve was walking through the Minecraft world when he noticed a little green creature in a cave. He had never seen anything like it before. He thought to himself, "there are so many killer mobs on this game then that must be one of the nice ones. I mean i could just tab out and check the wiki. Nah. I'll just go and investigate. 

So Steve went up to the cave and checked out the new creature. It started to come towards Steve and so Steve decided to walk towards it. Steve had only got a diamond sword on him so he thought that there was nothing that could go wrong. He asked the creature what its name was. All it replied with was "ssssssssss" And then it exploded killing Steve. 

Steve re-spawned into his word and then tabbed out and looked at the wiki for little green monster on Minecraft. And it came up with the word CREEPER! Steve thought to himself, "I've heard about this. I should never go near one of them again." Steve was walking down past where he was killed before. And what did he find except his original diamond sword. So he went into the crater to pick it up. He heard something behind his walking towards him. He turned round and quickly ran the other way. 

There was another creeper behind him now chasing him. He ran all the way up and around the crater and back to his home. He went in the door and the hid behind a wall. The creeper was at the window looking at Steve. It the went away with its head down. The creeper walked for miles until it got to its cave. It thought to itself, "why will no one like me?" and then he went to bed. 

The creeper never found a friend and so he is still a very lonely creeper.

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