Minecraft tales Volume I

This book has stories about a Creeper, pig and Steve.


2. The very hungry Steve

Steve woke up from a long nights slumber. What was that aching pain he felt. It was hunger. He had to go out and find some food. But where in the minecraft world could he find some food? He could go down to his farm and get some wheat.

When he arrived at his farm, he was surprised to see that all his wheat was gone. what has happened to it all? He must have forgotten to replant it. So he decided he must go hunting. so he got his bow and took some arrows and started his search for some food. as he walked round his island he noticed a pink pig at the top of the only hill on the island. So he decided to go climb it.

He climbed to the top of the hill and then noticed that the pig was no longer on top of the hill but down at the bottom of the hill walking away. So he jumped off the hill into a pool of water. As he hit the water he noticed the pig was running away from him into the distance. As he chased the pig he realised he was getting even hungrier and decided to stop to catch his breathe. He looked at his watch, noticing that it was getting closer to night and decided to go to sleep.

When he awoke he was surprised to see that a very lonely creeper had walked it to his house. This creeper was wearing a gold chain that said the word "BOOM" on it. It turned to face Steve, said "KAPOW" and exploded.

When Steve awoke, he had realised it was just a bad dream and now didn't feel hungry any more.



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