More than affection

The poem is summed up by this quote;
"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." C.G.Jung


2. Surface Tension

Strolling to meet you across the square,

Slowly, treading softly,

Like a whisperer; not to spook the mare,

Your hair, perfectly quaffed,

Sixties bomber jacket and faded jeans,

The worn out Nikes you refuse to wash,

I smile. You nod. We start to walk,

But something’s


A smile that refuses to touch your eyes,

The furrow in your brow-deeper,

Ever so slightly more defined,

Barely present to the naked eye,

My walking contradiction;

You detest the sound of grinding teeth

But have ground your whites to nubs,

Your thin lips chapped with worry,


Menacingly you begin your rant,

About some altercation, claiming indifference,

Detachment even- but predictably seething,

The throbbing vein in your left temple,

Betraying anger and threatening to burst,

As buried rage heaves itself to the surface,

Puckered mouth frothing with passion

While sullen oaths replace passive aggression,

And me? Too silent for detection.


As I gaze into those steel-grey eyes,

So profound yet grave- mysterious,

I almost quote the Joker; “Why so serious?”

I presume to understand you,

Though only solitude can embrace you,

So you stop. And slowly begin to laugh:

Laugh at my stupidity, my naivety,

But mostly at reality. 

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