Travelling with Danger

Cherry - young, bright, pretty - orphan. Following her late mothers footsteps was Cherry Flow, travelling and unravelling her mothers mysterious departure. But what she dosent know is that danger is around every corner.


1. News

I woke up with the sound of the letterbox flap opening. I slowly opened my eyes as light was streaming through the double glazing windows. I made my bed then got changed in a black strappy top and washed out jeans. I put my aburn hair in a high ponytail. I ran downstairs to get a glass of orange juice as I received the mail. My house keeper and guardian Reilly walked over. 'Cherry? Is that you? I'll be down in a minute!' she shouted. My father doesn't live with me. In fact, he doesn't live. According to Reilly, he died before I was born. I remember pestering my mum about it but she never gave in. She never does. She felt she needed time alone so she set out traveling. I was about four at the time. I remember the way she was smiling as she waved at Heathrow. I never forgot it. She never came back of course. 13 years later and I still don't understand it. She put her best friend - Reilly - to look after me. Reilly's sweet, kind even gentle but I can't help but notice that she's hiding something. I don't let it bother me but we trust each other. She comes down in her lilac nightie to see the mail.

'What's in the mail?'

'Bills, mostly. Hang on, there's something for me!'

Most people would be happy to get mail, why shouldn't they? I have never had luck though. Normally it's a birthday card from mum. But even she only sends it when she remembers. July 20th. Is that so hard to learn. Sometimes they come in a month, maybe two after the day. I open the envelope while Reilly watches me closely. The letter was very thick - not a good sign. The handwriting was very shaky as always but I can't help that it doesn't look like mum's been writing. It read -


Dear Cherry,


By the time you read this the unfortunate would've happened - I'm dead. I cannot tell you why but please know that I don't go a day without thinking about you. I do ask for one final wish. i cannot stress enough how important it is to come where I am buried. I love you Cherry.


I took all my clothes, stuffed them in my bag. My phone in my pocket and the letter in my bag.

I ran. My mind was full of complications. How did she die? Who was the murderer. Why?

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