Once In a Lifetime

Haley, Emily, and Mia are finally out of school. After moving in with each other, and meeting five boys, Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis, and Zayn, Haley falls for Liam. There is just one problem, Zayn likes Haley. Will Liam go against his heart and say no to Haley. Or go against his friend and say yes? Not only that, but when Emily causes mishap in the mess, will Haley decide its time to let go of her best friend?


1. Stole My Heart, With Just One Look


 *~Hey you galls && guys! I'm Haley. I am a huge directioner and I LOVE Liam Payne. Anyway, if you enjoy this comment and let me know so I can't update the next chapter(:     Enjoy! <3     *~ "I'm just saying, if I don't find anyone by my birthday, I'm going to dig myself a hole and stay there." I was saying to my best friends, Emily and Mia. We were walking down the hall of Glenn High School. It was our last day of being seniors and we couldn't wait to get out.       "And I'm just saying, our summer will be fun. Just the three of us. No boys, no problem." Mia said.       "I'm up for it. It's the time between high school and college. Time to let to and be a teen before growing up." Emily said, pushing up her glasses.        "Haley, stop being a downer on our last day of high school." Emily begged.       "Yeah, who cares about boys? They break hearts." Mia echoed.~*            "I wanna go for a walk!" Mia whined, standing at the front door of our new flat.       "Goodness calm down, it's only one in the afternoon. We have time." Emily said back walking toward her.       "Haley lets go!" Mia yelled at me. I ran down the stairs and over to the girls. I slipped into my flip flops and we headed outside.       We walked to the beach down the road from out flat. There were people  everywhere. We walked on the hot sand, talking about last nights episode of Awkward.       "No. Not true. Jenna and Maddie will be together forever." Emily said.       "No, Maddie is Jenna's Ben! I swear." Mia yelled back.       "I agree with Mi-" I started, getting knocked to the ground.       "Oh no. I'm so sorry. Do you need help up?" I looked up and saw a shirtless boy reaching his hand out to me. I grabbed it and he pulled me up.       "I'm sorry." He repeated in his British accent.       "It's okay." I reassured him, brushing the sand off my bare skin and clothes. I felt him staring as I did so. I looked up and our eyes met. He had brown eyes and short black hair. He was on the shorter side, with a perfectly defined six-pack. He was cute, but not my type.       "I'm Zayn." He said, smiling.       "Haley, Emily and Mia." I responded.       "We'll thanks for the help up." I said as I turned to leave.      "Wait." He said grabbing my shoulder. I turned back around to face him.       "My friends and I were about to go for a swim, would you and your friends like to join us?" He said, pointing in the direction of four other shirtless boys. It was obvious he was almost pleading. So I gave it a shot. I turned to face my friends to see what they thought. They nodded excitedly.       "Sure, I guess." I said, turning back to Zayn.       "Cool." He said leading my friends and I over to the group of boys.       "This is Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall. Boys this is Haley, Mia, and Emily." As he introduced the four other boys I locked eyes with the tall, brown haired, brown eyed boy who Zayn called Liam. He smiled at me, taking my breath away.       "Anyway, uh, so, lets go to the water now." Zayn said looking from me to Liam worried.       "Beautiful." Liam said dazed.        "I mean, the water, it's beautiful. It really is. Lets go!" He said fast as he ran to the water. Mia looked at me and laughed. I giggled, feeling my face get hot, as we followed the boys.                        *~Hey people! If you like my fanfiction, then comment. If i get enough comments I'll post the next chapter(:
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