2. The Crack in the Hole

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  • Published: 27 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Feb 2013
  • Status: Complete
AMY: We have to stop the Gradean ourselves...

The Doctor finds a portal to an alien ship in a school. When Amy and Rory try to investigate, they are thwarted by a 13 year old with a Maths GCSE textbook in hand. When the Doctor is taken, the Gradean begin bleeding through to this world, through the crack in the hole…


2. The Flickered Face





Show Amy and Rory and Harpal slowly walking back to the Mini a sad and shocked look on their faces.


HARPAL: It’s true, it’s all true.


AMY: Yup, it is. Just like when they tell you the Earth is spinning beneath your feet.


Harpal gives her a confused look. She leans against the car. Rory sits next to her and kisses her on the cheek. Harpal occupies himself with a leaf on a nearby bush.


AMY: Oh, come on, were not that bad. There are worse things.


RORY: Amy, how are we going to get the Doctor back? We can’t beam ourselves up to the Gradean ship. What we gonna do?


AMY: We will think of something.


Amy and Rory lean closer, as Harpal spots that Amy’s pocket is flashing green. He points.


HARPAL: Stop the snog! Look!


Amy and Rory turn to him confused.


HARPAL: Your pocket!


Amy looks at her pocket and pulls out the flashing green button.


AMY: Oh, oh my god! It’s the Doctor! Oh my god it’s him, it’s a bit fuzzy, what is he saying? I can’t tell.


Rory takes the device out of Amy’s hand.


RORY: I’ll deal with this one chubs!


HARPAL: Embarrassing!


AMY: Hey you! You’ll understand one day, everyone does.


HARPAL: Yeah, but not right now.


Amy gets up and ruffles Harpal’s hair and looks up at the stars.


THE DOCTOR: He’s out there! Some-


RORY: Got it!




RORY: The message reads: Alright Ponds? And Harpal? I am on the Gradean ship in a prison cell, it is quite spacious actually, but it smells, god it really smells. I need some, “Oust!” ha! Are they looking after you Harpal? Amy and Rory? They aren’t snogging too much are they? I dunno how they do that, I dunno how they breathe, frankly I dunno how they’re still alive…mysteries. Ha! I am looking for a way out, but you need to either find a way to destroy the portal, or just distract the Gradean until I get back. Alright snoggers, and boy! Bye!


HARPAL: And boy?


AMY: Sometimes I hate the Doctor.


RORY: Yeah, he ran away with my fiancé, ever since then we haven’t been the best of friends.


HARPAL: Right, I need to go home!


AMY: Alright, bye!


HARPAL: The trains won’t be working at this hour! Can you drive me home? Please?


AMY: Ok.


RORY: I’ll deal with this one chubs!


AMY: Oh, don’t!


Show the three of them driving down the street until they reach Harpal’s street.


RORY: 30 quid please!


HARPAL: I’ll go now!


AMY: I’ll walk him down.


Amy and Harpal get out of the car and begin to walk down the street.


HARPAL: What if the Gradean destroy every single organism in existence?


AMY: You ask some complicated questions.


HARPAL: How else do I find out stuff?


AMY: Fair do’s. You do know that you can’t tell anyone what happened today don’t you? You can’t be involved with this anymore.


HARPAL: Yeah, but if it wasn’t for me, that green gas would have vaporised you! You can’t kick me out of the team now! I am a part of this whether you like it or not Amy.


AMY: Fair do’s. But you still can’t have anything more to do with this, it’s not safe.


HARPAL: What in the world is?


AMY: Alright, see you at school tomorrow. We need to defeat the Gradean. Don’t be late.


They find themselves outside Harpal’s house.




AMY: See you.


Harpal opens his house door and a sudden blackout occurs.


Harpal slowly gets up, show him brushing his teeth, then skip to him doing up his tie, then skip to him eating breakfast, then show him getting on the bus with his coat on, with scarf, gloves and a bag on his shoulder. Show him arriving at school (walking) and being greeted by his friends. Zoom up to the school emblem on the main building. Skip to his form tutor taking the register. You can tell Harpal is thinking throughout his journey.


MISS CRATHERN: Harpal? Harpal?!


HARPAL: Yes, yes Ma’am.


Harpal looks out of the window, and see’s a Gradean, he gasps and looks away, when he looks back, where the Gradean stood, a black mark was left.


MISS CRATHERN: Right boys, get your stuff together.


Show Harpal walking up the flight of stairs near the blue door, he looks at the floor, and majority of it is all back. Some blackness had spread up the stairs.


MUTAZZ: What joker would have done this? Are you alright?


HARPAL: Yeah, fine, and I dunno who would’ve.


Skip to Harpal having his lunch outside on his own, show him walking in and opening his locker. A Gradean face is inside, Harpal pulls all of the things out of his locker and steps back.


ZELGON: The crack still widens!


Zelgon leans forward and a purple gas comes out of his mouth, consuming Harpal. Harpal goes cross eyed and passes out. Before he hits the floor, Zeglon uses a device to pull him into his locker and lock it. No sound can be heard. Skip to the bell ringing and everyone runs inside.








Show clock ticking until four o’ clock. Harpal wakes up inside his locker in an awkward position. Zeglon appears in the locker.


ZEGLON: You shan’t help them!


HARPAL: I will, you, you purple weirdo!


Harpal pushes hard against the door, the lockers nearly fall over, then he pushes on the other side and they go back against the wall. Harpal looks at his watch.


HARPAL: It’s ten past four. Cleaners! They’ll still be around! Help! Help me someone! Help! Help! Help! Hello?  Get me out of here! Get me out of this thing.


He hears footsteps, and a zap, smoke comes through the locker, and the door flies open. Harpal has his eyes tightly shut, and then opens one wearily. Amy and Rory peer in.


AMY: What the hell are you doing in there?


HARPAL: I dunno, this Zeglon appeared, and this purple gas came out of his mouth, I think I blacked out, and then I woke up in here.


AMY: Right, get out!


Harpal shoves himself out onto the floor and his books shower on top of him.


HARPAL: How did you know how to find me?


RORY: When Amy ruffled your hair last night, she put a chip inside it; the Doctor gave them to us in case of emergencies. Now, the cleaners are coming so we better go!


They climb out of the window, Harpal struggling to carry his books. They run back to the Mini and get inside. Harpal calls his mum.


HARPAL: Hey mum! Listen the whole class got given a detention, so I wont be home till, half five, maybe even six, bye!


He hangs up and turns to Amy and Rory.


HARPAL: So, whats the plan now?


AMY: Now, we wait.


Show Rory’s watch ticking until it gets to quarter to five.


HARPAL: Come on! Lets go!


Amy: Yeah, what he said!


They slowly go to the main building door and zap it with the button pack. They slowly enter. An alarm goes of but Amy quickly shoots it. They go to the blue door, which is covered by a billboard, half a centimetre away.


HARPAL: They are clever, they only let it widen when know one is in the building, so it doesn’t raise suspicion!


They walk up the stairs so they can see the door clearly, and the ground begins to crumble beneath their feet. Amy screams, they run up the next flight of stairs, which is now black, they can see the black is spreading quickly over doors and walls, it all begins to crumble. Harpal and Rory run to the left, but Amy is distracted because a segment of brick nearly fell on her head. The ground beneath her breaks, she screams, she grabs onto a nearby windowsill, while a gaping hole surrounds beneath her.


AMY: Rory! Help!


RORY: Amy! Harpal, get out!


Harpal nods, and runs down the corridor near M5, and then Zeglon appears and breathes out the purple gas, Harpal falls unconscious. Along the ceiling above, the blackness spreads, and a large rock is hanging over Harpal. Rory turns around.


RORY: Harpal! Amy! No! Help me!


Zeglon appears.


ZEGLON: We are fast, approaching!



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