2. The Crack in the Hole

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  • Published: 27 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Feb 2013
  • Status: Complete
AMY: We have to stop the Gradean ourselves...

The Doctor finds a portal to an alien ship in a school. When Amy and Rory try to investigate, they are thwarted by a 13 year old with a Maths GCSE textbook in hand. When the Doctor is taken, the Gradean begin bleeding through to this world, through the crack in the hole…


3. The Dark Defense





RORY: No! Help, please someone!


Suddenly the Doctor’s face appears above Rory and Amy.


THE DOCTOR: Oh, hang on!


He disappears.


RORY: Wait!


The Doctor then appears in flesh behind Rory and waves.


RORY: Doctor! Harpal, behind you!


THE DOCTOR: Panto seasons gone! Oh, Harpal!


The Doctor runs to him as the rock nears closer. Then stops and points the sonic at the black walls. Everything stops moving. Rory gets distracted and Amy’s hand slips out of his. She screams and they hear a clatter. The Doctor runs to Harpal.

RORY: Amy!


AMY: Yeah, thanks Rory!


THE DOCTOR: Harpal, are you ok?


The Doctor puts the sonic in Harpal’s mouth, and presses the button. He jerks and quickly gets up.


HARPAL: What? What the? Doctor, you’re back!




RORY: How did you know where to find us?


THE DOCTOR: Well, here’s the deal. Amy, are you ok?


AMY: (shouts) Yeah, I’ll try and get back up another way.


HARPAL: (shouts) if you go down the stairs, through the art mall, go up the first set of stairs on the right, then the staircases following to the left, then another small one on the right, turn right and you’ll find us!


AMY: Um, right!


Amy departs. The Doctor rubs Harpal’s head and pulls out the chip, and holds it up.


THE DOCTOR: This, little bad boy! See, I broke out of my cell with the sonic, and then I heard some of the Gradean talking, I followed them and they came to a teleport, I re-rooted the co-ordinates, take me to this chip, that I gave Amy earlier which picked up on the sonic! Clever eh?


AMY: Hey! I heard part of that, but, anyway, whats this black stuff?


THE DOCTOR: The gas, when it lands on something, it teleports them to the Gradean ship, leaving a black mark, see I saw fragments of purple carpet near the teleport. It is also a defence mechanism, once activated it can eat walls and brick.


AMY: Like the white blood. So, we can throw the gas on them, they will be taken back to the ship, and then we will seal the portal for good!


THE DOCTOR: Yes, but, even without the portal that fleet could take Earth with the guns. So we will do what Amy said, then I will fly the TARDIS onto the ship, and try to reason with them.  But stopping that portal will be hard work. It would take a long time.


HARPAL: How long?


THE DOCTOR: Five to six hours, it’s become so wide.


RORY: Hang on, but if we destroy the portal now, couldn’t they just teleport down like you did?


THE DOCTOR: I hadn’t thought of that, but it takes a lot of power to teleport from such a distance Rory. So, I will have to disable the ships teleport systems. Face to face.


AMY: So, first things first, we have to close the portal, and get Harpal home. Yeah?


THE DOCTOR: I am gonna stay here over night, and seal the portal, and maybe go to the Gradean ship to reason with them. But you lot be careful, they will be watching you. The gas could easily follow you home, and get you. Not much power is spent by teleporting someone to the ship. So watch your step.


AMY: Gotcha.


RORY: Come on Harpal, let’s get you home!


They both get up but Amy stays behind.


AMY: I will catch you up. Doctor?




AMY: Be careful.


THE DOCTOR: You too! And, look after that kid, he’s sharp!


AMY: We will be here early.


Show Rory driving Harpal to his front door with Amy in the back.


AMY: We will pick you up tomorrow! Half eight!


Harpal smiles and walks into his house. Show him lying down in bed, after show Amy brushing her teeth. Show the house and one by one all the lights go out.


Show the clock, it is six thirty-three in the morning. And suddenly the green button flashes violently. It makes the sound of the TARDIS; Amy wearily rubs her eyes and picks it up. She jumps out of bed and grabs clothes out of the wardrobe.


AMY: Rory! Get up! The Doctor has been kidnapped, again! The gas got him, he says that he has partially closed the crack, but some Gradean could still get through! Text Harpal! Wake him!


Show Harpal asleep, his phone goes’s off, he squints at it, when he realises who it’s from, his eyes widen and he jumps out of bed. Show a quiet calm street.


HARPAL: (voice over) So there I was, being driven to my crumbling school by a red head who hasn’t passed her driving test. Reassuring. What happened next was exactly what I predicted.




HARPAL: Couldn’t you slow down Amy?! Whoa! Left!


AMY: What’s new? Harpal, if there is one important thing I have learnt in my life, is to never, ever wait. Get out of my way you idiot!


AMY: Tell me where we are going again?


HARPAL: John Lyon, my high school. I’m only 13 and you’re gonna get us killed! Argh! Right! Right! Not left! Did you even pass your driving test?


RORY: She didn’t.


AMY: Hey! I am not giving up on the Doctor for a stupid essay!


RORY: Amy! Stop!


Amy and Harpal look up. Amy screams and pulls over. Harpal ducks and puts his arms over his face. Rory shuts his eyes.


AMY: Rory! There is an unexpected house!


RORY: Oh, Amy!


HARPAL: Oh great, this is exactly what I was talking about!


Amy swerves the car too late, and it flips. They all yell and scream. Amy flies to the right side, Harpal tries to grab her, and Rory’s legs are held in place by a seatbelt, but his upper body is thrown to the right.






ZEGLON: Doctor, get up.


The Doctor slowly gets up.


THE DOCTOR: Well hello! This is not nice is it?


ZEGLON: You are the only person who would stop us Doctor.


THE DOCTOR: Yup! True!


ZEGLON: And if it’s any consolation, you will not be the only one to die!


Zeglon points his gun at the Doctor’s head.


THE DOCTOR: This, now this is gonna be a tricky one!



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