100 'Guess the Thing' Poems!

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  • Published: 27 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 11 Oct 2013
  • Status: Complete
In this book you'll find 100 poems to read,
But you won't know what they are about, there's no answer or lead,
You'll have to guess, you'll have a try,
But I thank you for reading my,
Book of poems, 'Guess the thing!'
Have a go and lets see who'll win!
- Harpal Khambay

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24. The Box That Goes Ring



RING! RING! Your little box sounds,

Showing pictures of friends (Those clowns!),

You press ‘Reply’ and tap buttons quick,

Making shrill sounds, click, click, click!

This is the techno you can’t live without,

These new models you cannot doubt!

Taking snaps, and video’s galore,

Taking it away from the kids is a chore.

Slide, and touch and buttons too,

Lots of colours, like black and blue.

This is the modern way to contact all,

Playing games on this thing is a ball!

All the oldies can’t get their head round this thing,

While the kids hear the familiar sound ‘PING!’

Choosing cases and coloured flaps,

Know one can cope when this box snaps!

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