100 'Guess the Thing' Poems!

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  • Published: 27 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 11 Oct 2013
  • Status: Complete
In this book you'll find 100 poems to read,
But you won't know what they are about, there's no answer or lead,
You'll have to guess, you'll have a try,
But I thank you for reading my,
Book of poems, 'Guess the thing!'
Have a go and lets see who'll win!
- Harpal Khambay

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51. Fancy Fashion



"Lets go out, go out tonight,"

When my friend said this it gave me a fright.

I search in my wardrobe for things to wear,

Really I want to tear out my hair.

I didn't have much, only for child gatherings and parties,

When I used to be younger and eat lots of Smarties.

Or, maybe I should dress up, 

In a fancy top or dressed as a cup.

Maybe a mermaid, character or dog,

Or a fairytale like a princess and frog.

Lots of ideas and possibilities,

To make you look like the bee's knee's.



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