100 'Guess the Thing' Poems!

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  • Published: 27 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 11 Oct 2013
  • Status: Complete
In this book you'll find 100 poems to read,
But you won't know what they are about, there's no answer or lead,
You'll have to guess, you'll have a try,
But I thank you for reading my,
Book of poems, 'Guess the thing!'
Have a go and lets see who'll win!
- Harpal Khambay

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40. Comfy Spot



You walk in from a tiring day,

You barge through all "Get out of my way!"

You walk to the sitting room eyeing it all,

And you see your spot, comfy and small.

You slump down and sigh in heaven at last,

You have a nap and hours pass.

In a comforting dreamland dreaming it all,

In your fantastic furniture, comfy and small.

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