The impossible detective Volume I

When a detective enters a town, he realizes everything is not what it seems. Will he be able to get out or will he be stuck there forever.


1. The Impossible Detective

He was like no other detective. More like a ghost to most people. He would always catch the person who did the crime, but he never wanted to be thanked. He was his towns hero and his name was simply Michael Green. But he was known to everyone else as the impossible detective.

In his home county of Gilfroshire, he helped the police catch criminals who would otherwise escape the net. He was one of the world s best detective solving a murder last summer where a man had destroyed any evidence with acid. the impossible detective found him as the murder had left the detective a note to threaten him, and because he was a news paper boy left him a note on when he would like his payment for the paper. It was by chance that the detective would have found this but he did anyway and so the criminal was caught.

The detective had been given a job in a town in the lower part of Gilfroshire where he would be staying. This town was like a nest of ants with the amount of people who lived there and there were over 25 families. The detective was going to miss the part of town he lived in. But his job was to help those who need it. The detectives family were killed by a murder who the impossible detective provoked on a chat show saying that he was just a low priority criminal. Since then, the detective has been searching for the killer but has had no success if finding him. He had a wife and two children. The murder was called the throat puller as he hung all his victims.

He lived in the middle of the county, his town of spine, was a very small and quiet town. There used to be a lot more people but as soon as the detectives family died, most people left. So now that the detective was going for a few days, there would be 11 people in the town. The detective was the main person but there was a shop keeper, postman who ran the post office and a butcher. Everyone else did not have a job in the town but somewhere else in the county.

The detective was in his house getting packed for his stay in the lower part of the county. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. the detective looked at his blue, digital clock. It read 10:34am. So he went to his door and looked through the glass. The shop Keeper was at the door. His name was Kevin Manses. He spoke with a soft voice that said,"I just wanted to wish you luck on your case."  The detective replied with "oh so you heard about that did you?" Then he went down the crooked cobblestone path and exited through the metal gate. The detective then finished off packing his things and left for the lower town.

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