The impossible detective Volume I

When a detective enters a town, he realizes everything is not what it seems. Will he be able to get out or will he be stuck there forever.


2. Arrival and new findings

After driving in his black Chevrolet Silverado when he finally arrived at the town. The old, rusty sign going into the town said 'Leams'. Over the top of the town name was graffiti and one caught the detectives eye. It had the words 'Throat Puller' written in green letters in a red oval. the detective pulled over to the side of the road. Then he opened the door with a loud thud as the door hit the edge of the road. He luckily did not damage the car. He then got out to take a look at the sign. He new that it was defiantly the mark of the throat puller. his heart started to burn up inside him. He felt so much anger. The only thing was why was the throat pullers sign here. what had he done here. He took a picture of the sign using his Nokia 6610. He then got back into his car and drove into the town.

He was staying at a cottage hotel with 20 rooms. He was in room 12. The room and all the detectives food was paid for by the Inspector in the main police station in the county. So all the detective had to do was unpack and get the case he had been given solved. He had arrived at the cottage now. He got out of his Chevrolet and got his bags out of his boot. he then took them and himself into the hotel. There were three members staff that he could see. There was the person on the main desk, a bell boy and an elevator man. They all looked very friendly. He walked towards the main desk where a beautiful woman, late twenties, was sitting looking quite bored. the detective exclaimed, " Must be terrible doing this job." The woman replied, with the sweetest voice, "I know. You must be the detective. You're staying in room 13. Here's the key and enjoy your stay." The detective thanked her and turned around to head to the elevator.

As he turned around, in his breathing space was the bell boy. He spoke with a crackly voice. He said, "May i take your bag detective?" The detective told him no thanks you so the bell boy went to his original post. Then the inspector went up the stairs instead of taking the lift. He never trusted lifts as they may stop due to power failures or even someone tampering with the lift. He arrived at the second floor which house the eleventh to the twentyth rooms. Floor one had rooms one to 10 and the ground floor had the dining area, kitchen and other facilities. He walked down the hall way until he saw his room. He glanced down the corridor and saw on the wall was a blood stain in the shape of a hand print. He slowly walked up to it, getting his investigators gloves on from out of his pocket. Then he took a swab out of his bag and wiped it accross the stain. It came off quite easy which would suggest that the stain was fresh. Was this commited by the cerial killer or had this just been a different killer. He must now investigate.

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