Tabitha a 16 year old girl lives for only 1 reason, to see her only true friend Alyssa. She can't stand the bullying she goes through, but one day her life turns around and it seems like her fantasy.


3. Prepare

Carter's P.O.V 

As I walked outside to go to the bus I kept saying to myself, "Your going to be okay, you have prepared yourself very well this morning."  Then finally I got to the bus stop nobody was there this morning, (thank god) but I could already see people laughing and staring at me when I got on the bus.  I started to breath heavily.  Trying to hold back tears I said,  "It's okay when you get to the school you can just go find Alyssa and talk to her, she will make everything better."  

Alyssa's P.O.V

I walked outside to the bus thinking about Carter, "Why can't she be on the same bus as me?"  I thought to myself.  "Ugggg... I hope nothing happens today.  I don't get why people bully anyways, it just confuses me, like who cares what other people do, or say, or look like?"  Then finally the bus came, I got on and sat in the first empty seat I found.  Then off to school.. the most boring and disgusting place on Earth.

Carter's P.O.V

"Oh no.."  I muttered as the bus came slowly down the road.  I quietly stepped onto the first step of the bus and took a hard swallow, and as soon as I stepped up to the last step, and it all started.  Whispering, pointing.  I hate it all!!!!!!!!  

Those people just make me want to punch them.  And then there is Leila, the jerk that starts everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!  And of course she had to open her fat mouth,  "Hey loner, how's it going?"  She said,  "Just shut up Leila nobody wants to hear you run your mouth!"  I reply angrily.  "Looks like somebody's got an attitude."  She said.  Then her little posse started laughing.  "Whatever..."  I said, in my mind I was stabbing her in the eyes.  Then we were at school. 

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