Tabitha a 16 year old girl lives for only 1 reason, to see her only true friend Alyssa. She can't stand the bullying she goes through, but one day her life turns around and it seems like her fantasy.



Niall's P.O.V 

Carter was the most beautiful girl I have ever met! I can't wait to text her later, and I can't believe Harry likes Alyssa!! 

Harry's P.O.V

"Holy shit she is beautiful!!" I yell/whispered into Niall's ear as Carter's friend walked out of the room.  "Wait!! Can I have your number?"  Niall asked Carter.  I wonder if I should make a move on her friend, she seems cool and she is damn fine.  I am going to, I will tell Niall to have Carter over and tell him to make sure her friend comes.  

Carter's P.O.V

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE NIALL JUST ASKED ME FOR MY NUMBER!!"  I yelled as I walked into the bathroom with Alyssa, "And by the look on Harry's face he seemed totally dumbstruck by you!"  "No he didn't, did he?"  She asked.  "Totally drooling!!"  I said.  I wonder if Niall likes me.  I hope he does, but who would fall in love with a girl like me, ugly, and not needed in the world.

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