Tabitha a 16 year old girl lives for only 1 reason, to see her only true friend Alyssa. She can't stand the bullying she goes through, but one day her life turns around and it seems like her fantasy.


2. Mornings

Alyssa's P.O.V

I woke up to my alarm clock going, buzz buzz buzz!! And I quickly slamed my hand down on it to make is stop.  I got out of bed, walked into my bathroom, looked in the mirror, and said to myself "Eghhh I look like the ugliest thing in the world threw up on me this morning."  My blonde hair all knotted and looking like a nest for birds, and crust in the corner of my light blue eyes, or as I like to call them, mornings.  I quickly brushed my hair so it was back to normal, and washed my face so it was clean again, then walked into the closet to look for something to wear.  I picked out what I wanted to wear, a white t-shirt with a pink scarf, dark wash jeans, short uggs, and my pink leather jacket.  I then walked into the bathroom to look in the mirror and when I saw myself I said, "All better."  

Carter's P.O.V

I woke up to my mom yelling, "CARTER!!!! GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED!!!!!"  It startled me a bit so I quickly responded, "YEAH, YEAH!! I'M GETTING UP!!!"  I ran out into the hallway, and into the bathroom before my brother Eli could get it.  When I got it I said, "Haha Eli, I GOT IT FIRST!!!"  I then looked in the mirror,   "Eww..."  I said to myself.  Realizing that my hair was nothing but knotts.  "UGGGGG, this is going to take FOREVER!"  While I was brushing my hair with one hand, I was cleaning my face with the other.  Finally I got the last knott out.  "Ahh, thank the lord!"  Then I brushed my teeth and went back to my room, and walked straight to the closet.  I ended up picking out my black shirt from Aero, that had blue accents, some regular old jeans, and my uggs.  I walked back into the hallway and into the bathroom to look at myself and said,  "Maybe today is the day I won't get bullied, pfft like that is ever going to happen!"

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