Tabitha a 16 year old girl lives for only 1 reason, to see her only true friend Alyssa. She can't stand the bullying she goes through, but one day her life turns around and it seems like her fantasy.


1. Character intro.

Hi my name is Carter Rose I have been bullied all my life, and I have only 1 true friend Alyssa, she has helped me through all of this but recently it has just been getting to hard to handle, until one day my world becomes so incredible it seems like a fantasy.  

Hello my name is Alyssa Marie I have a best friend named Carter she gets bullied all day everyday.  I can't stand to see so much hatred towards her, I don't understand why everybody hates her so much, she is the nicest girl I have ever met.  But I can't believe when something so unexpected happens that changes both of our lives.


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