The Story Of The Lightshaders


1. Just Begun

Lightshaders have protected the world since humans first arrival.They were born in another universe with sorcery and happiness. Their planet was one of the peaceful places that you would know of.  Altogether their were 13 of the Lightshaders not including the Falls. The Falls are the most powerful Lightshaders ever. There are three of them, they stick to each others sides whatever the situation even if it means death. They are connected in a way no one has ever seen. If one of them gets stabbed the others can also feel the pain. Spirit Falls; blue eyes,long brown hair, 5"5, 15, the youngest but she is the most powerful. Senice Falls; green eyes,thick brown hair,17,5"7, he was the compromiser the most reasonable but now and then get in the way of things. The oldest is Starlan Falls; green eyes, shaggy brown hair, 19, 5"10, he is the most strongest, tries to protect everyone he can.

Life has become unsafe for the humans, Lightshaders and other life forms. The Twisters have become released from their planet. They are the most deadly species out there. Some are worse then others. They have already wiped out a species of peace and guidness. Thousand of years ago people did become rather interested in them but it caused chaos. All the evidence about their existence was destroyed and their will be no more.They will not rest until the lord is released and the Falls are dead...


God where is she,Starlan thought to himself. He had been looking for Spirit for nearly two hours. He's already searched most of the town. He worries a lot about her and Senice, maybe over worries. You can't blame him. The only ones who keep living through the danger. His sister did seem to get herself in trouble a lot. At least once a week she will get into a fight with someone. At that moment he heard a faint screechy sound coming from the field. Starlan widened his eyes and followed the sound.

"MOVE OUT OF THE WAY" Starlan yelled at Spirit  running toward her as he saw the Twister in front of her. 

"NO" Spirit yelled back. " He killed Mark" Tears filled her eyes as she swiped forward knocking the weak Twister who killed her best friend on to the ground.Spirit pointed her sword at him and hesitated.

Starlan stopped and just stood their watching. He wanted to stop her but he would have done the same thing if he was in the position. He didn't know what to do. If she went through with it life would be worse than it already is.

" You will never know the truth" the Twister said staring right into her eyes. "And we will get the book" he grabbed her sword and he drew his last breath. he had killed himself.

Starlan looked shocked. He has never seen a Twister not fight back. Spirit moved backwards and they both watched the dead body turn into dust and travel to the east.

" You know what this means" Starlan said concerned walking over to his sister. She sniffed. He didn't know whether to be mad at her or not.

" It's the beginning of everything. She looked up at Starlan with watery eyes."I've started it and I will end it"

" Look you didn't kill him yourself" Starlan wanted to reassure her but it wasn't working.He breathed out and took his phone out of his pocket and called Senice.

"I found Spirit and meet us at the Galtix cliff" Starlan and Spirit started walking back into the town and toward the Galtix cliff.

After fifteen minutes they were there.

" I can't believe this who started it" Senice looked between the two of them with an angry look. " THIS IS BAD, WHY DID YOU"

" Can we just get on with it?" Starlan replied looking into the distance. Spirit didn't know what to say, she wouldn't make eye contact with Senice

Senice huffed and went to the edge of the cliff with his family following. Spirit stood in the middle with Starlan on her right and Senice on her left. The bracelet on her right wrist sparkled along with the necklace she was wearing. You could see that Senice and Starlan's were also. The ocean waves got louder and Spirit raised her arms over the top of her head. Her brothers heads hung low. You could her the water crawling along the rocks and up the cliff. The jewellery on the three of them got brighter and suddenly the water got attracted to the gold that was on them. The hovering waves covered their shoes and carried on up. It moved around them like a tornado.

The Falls stood their calm and let the magic take place. They now had the identity of the real Falls, eyes like fire, hair dusty pink.

The Duty Of The Lightshaders Has Now  Re Begun








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