The 8 Year Broken Promise

Kennedy has nearly lost who she is. Everyone she loves is slowly leaving her and it all started when her best friend Zayn Malik left Bradford. As she's slowly giving in to her depression, she meets up with Zayn again. As he tries to get back into her life, Kennedy refuses to be his best friend again. He broke his promise and she can't forgive him. Can Zayn win Kennedy's heart back? Or will their lost friendship be lost forever?


3. Should I Forgive Him?

I wake up to the sun shining in my face. I give off a small yawn before hopping out of bed and into the shower. After a few minutes I get out and head back into my room, sitting at my desk and mirror. I decorate my eyes with ash gray makeup, black eyeliner, and black mascara. I rub pink blush on my cheeks and put a popping red lipstick on my lips after brushing through my long dark locks and putting a silver headband around my forehead like how they used to do in the 70's. I walked to my window and slowly opened it. Almost instantly a warm breeze greeted me. "It's so warm." I say to myself. I walk to my closet and look for something to wear. I decide on a floral see through, short sleeved blouse that tied at my stomach with a black nutty noble top underneath, high-waist faded jean shorts with high-waist swim shorts underneath it, and pink flats that matched the black, white, and pink floral shirt. After dressing I grab my 70's styled black circle sunglasses and my army green backpack and stuff in a towel, my phone, and my wallet. I put the backpack on and head downstairs after putting on deodorant and morning glory perfume. When I get downstairs, I pick up one of the chocolate Muffins that was waiting on a plate on the counter. I look up from the plate to see Charlotte sitting at the table reading a book and eating a muffin. "Hey Charlotte do you know where my dad is?" She looked up and smiled. "Yeah he went to go pick up a few things at the grocery store. He'll be back in a few minutes." I nodded and there was an awkward silence. "Um yeah because I wanted to go to the beach. It's pretty warm outside." She pushed her blonde hair back and put it in a messy bun. "You can go Ken. Just be back before two. Me and Will have something we have to tell you." I nod not really thinking about what they were going to tell me and head outside. Before I left I checked the time. It was 10:00 so I had 3 and a half hours of hanging at the beach. The beach was kind of close to my house so I got there in no time. Normally it's empty because it's too cold to be in the water but now that it's like 80 degrees, everyone's here. I know that if I don't hurry now, I'll be stuck in a long line for a slushy and won't even get the chance to get a spot on the beach. So I quickly jog to the little shack store and buy not only a medium blueberry slushy but a small chocolate brownie ice cream cone as well. I take my new found goodies to the beach and look for a place to sit. I decide on a spot halfway to the water. I put down my towel and sit down to enjoy my sweets after I take off my blouse so it won't get dirty. After I'm done with my cone and half of my slushy a boy sits down beside me. "Hey." He said it like he knew me. I lift up my sunglasses to reveal a familiar face. "Harry Styles?" He gives his signature cheeky grin. "You know me?" "Who doesn't know you?" I say with a laugh before putting my glasses back down. Harry laughs too before turning his whole body to look at me. "You know you're really pretty." I blush a little and turn to face him. "Thanks. You're not so bad looking yourself." I meant it as a joke but he gave me this look before putting one of his hands on mine. "Wanna go out sometime?" I laugh at what he said. "You are pretty cocky you know that? That was very sweet of you to offer but I'm sort of kind of in this complicated thing." He looked confused. "You're sort of kind of in this complicated thing?" I nodded. He shook his curls. "Well if this guy really cared about you, he wouldn't leave someone as gorgeous as you out of sight for a second." I blush again. "You don't even know my name." I said a little shocked at how forward Harry was being. "That doesn't matter. The mystery is what makes me want to fight for you. Although knowing your name would be easier for me." I laughed. "You're so cheesy!" He laughed to. "I know but you love it!" "No I don't!" "Yes you do." He said teasing me. I hit his shoulder softly. "My name is Kennedy. Kennedy Grace." His eyes lit up. "So you must be the Kenny Grace Zayn keeps talking about lately. Challenge accepted." He said cockily. I titled my head in confusion. "Zayn talks about me?" He closed his eyes and leaned back. "All the time. No offense, but it's kind of annoying. Don't worry soon that'll be me." I ignored him. "What does he say?" He looked over at me with a sly smile. "He's your sort of kind of complicated boyfriend isn't he?" I knock my glasses off accidentally in surprise. "What? No! I guess. Um. I don't know." He closed his eyes again. "You like him but he doesn't like you." I shake my head. "No it's just we used to be so close and were getting closer until he left. I don't know if he still likes me." "He doesn't." Harry said plainly. I don't know why but my heart started hurting. "What... What do you mean?" Harry looked over at me from under his eyelashes. "He has a girlfriend. Her name is Perry." He put extra emphases on the p. "Oh well then." My heart hurt as it beat quickly. "Don't worry you still got me." I gave him a small smile before looking out at the ocean.

";Niall, Louis, Liam! This is Kennedy. Kennedy, this is 3/5 of One Direction!"; Harry said he just wanted to grab another slushy on the other side of the beach, not that he wanted to introduce me to 3 of the most famous people in Europe maybe even the world. ";Hey."; I waved nervously. The boys looked at me and then at Harry. ";A new girlfriend I see."; Louis said with a sly smile. ";Actually,"; I said slowly, ";I'm just a friend. I'm also Zayn's old best friend, from Bradford?"; I said it as a question hoping they already knew. Niall understood. ";Oh the Bradford girl. Yeah we know all about you. Thank Zayn he wouldn't stop talking about you well before Perry came along." He looked up at me for my reaction which wasn't a good one. "Enough with Perry and Zayn," Harry said happily, "what's your first thought when you see Kennedy here?" Louis stared at me. "Um girl." Liam licked his teeth. "Girl, no carrot, no Kenny!" Niall looked over at Harry and then back at me. "Hot." I blushed. Harry gave him a glare. "Wouldn't she be good for our video, gotta be you?" The boys ohhed. "Yeah we do need a new girl since the other one canceled." I cleared my throat awkwardly. "What are you guys talking about?" Niall smiled sweetly at me. "There's this music video, right, and we need a girl to sit on a car, walk through a field, enjoy some fireworks, while we sing to her. It's really easy. Plus you get to see Zayn the most. Bonus!" My stomach did flips. "You want me to be her?" Harry grabbed my hands. "Please say yes!" He got down on his knees as well as did the other boys and gave me the puppy dog look. How could I refuse the hottest guys in music right now? "I guess." They jumped up and cheered. "Okay," Liam started, "you need to have your things packed by Saturday so we can leave Sunday and get to this place by Tuesday. Plan to be gone for 2 weeks." "Wait I have to ask my parents before I go anywhere." "Don't worry we'll ask them." Harry said interrupting. "Wait, but..." I started only to get yanked away. "C'mon lets get going we need to leave now!" Louis shouts before dragging me away with the other 3 boys' laughter in the background.
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