The 8 Year Broken Promise

Kennedy has nearly lost who she is. Everyone she loves is slowly leaving her and it all started when her best friend Zayn Malik left Bradford. As she's slowly giving in to her depression, she meets up with Zayn again. As he tries to get back into her life, Kennedy refuses to be his best friend again. He broke his promise and she can't forgive him. Can Zayn win Kennedy's heart back? Or will their lost friendship be lost forever?


2. Reality Check and Broken Promises

It had been nearly eight years since that day and everything has changed. Zayn used to visit and write almost every day. Then it turned to almost every weekend and then a few times a month. Then as the months and eventually years went by, he just didn't show up at all. I would wait for him in hopes he would return to me but it never happened. That was bad, yes, but that's not the last part. My mum divorced my dad a few years ago and separated me and my then 3 year old sister Emma. I'm now staying with my dad and she's with my mum. But to make matters even worser if that makes any sense, my only best friend now, Tommi, the one who promised to be with me through thick and thin moved and transferred to another school far far away. If that's not bad, my father met a new woman, Charlotte. She isn't even mean or cruel. She's nice! And pretty! Which only makes life worse. Anyways after sitting on the couch for like an hour doing nothing my dad kicked me out. Well not literally. He said, "you're 18 Kenny and you're still stuck in the past! Charlotte gave me this ticket to give to you. Go out have fun!" Before I could even protest he tossed me my coat and shoved me out the door. Most teens would be happy but you don't know my dad. When I'm gone, he and Charlotte have their "romantic time". It's really sickening to me. Anywho, I put my coat on slowly and get into my car. I check the time after I started the car. 7:45 p.m.. I had about 15 minutes to get to this "one direction" concert, whoever they are. I pull out of the drive way and drive off.

I pull up to the concert thing and park in one of the few empty spaces. I look in the mirror to make sure I looked somewhat decent. My eyes were a sparkly ash gray and my lips were a popping red. I was wearing feather earrings, tight dark blue jeans, a nice looking olive green button up blouse that matched my eyes, a black leather jacket, and dark brown boots that went up to my knees. I was satisfied so I hopped out and walked towards the closed gates. I gave this huge guy my ticket and he escorted me inside. I don't know how I got to my seat in the 5th row because there were screaming and violent girls everywhere. It made me laugh. These girls were crying for some teenage boys to show up. "Oh brother." I sighed out as I finally made it to my seat. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a round of applause for One Direction." I looked up to see 5 boys run on stage as the girls around me screamed their heads off. The five boys, a blonde, a brunette with smooth hair, two brunettes with curly hair, and one with spiky black hair gave big smiles and started singing right away. I, for some reason, couldn't keep my eyes off the one with black hair. He looked so familiar. He was skinny and had a nice build. So familiar. Wait it can't be... When the boys stopped singing their 4th song, they started calling out to the crowd for them to clap for the other boys because they did good solos. "Give it up for Harry!" The one I found out was named Niall shouted. The crowd roared. Harry pointed to the dark haired boy. "And Zayn everybody!" My eyes shot up instantly. It couldn't be him. It's not possible. Zayn spoke into the mike. "And for our great fans out there!" It was him. I couldn't believe it. "Zayn! Zayn it's me Kenny! Zayn!" I waved and shouted without thinking of all the pain he caused me. Harry glanced over at me. "It looks like someone has a crush." Harry said rather loudly in the mike. I blushed. Zayn looked at me and studied my face for a few seconds before it got huge."Ken?" He mouthed. I nodded as a few tears rimmed my eyes as I slowly remembered the past eight years. "You want us to sing what makes you beautiful um... Hiliary23?" Liam spoke while reading the tweets sent on a large screen. Liam started singing followed by Harry. Zayn stared at me before reluctantly joining in. But the entire time he watched me. A girl from behind me shoved me." He's mine, quit giving him googly eyes." I turned. "Excuse me?" The girl pushed her big frizzy hair back, licked her red lips, and popped her cherry scented gum. "You heard me. Look at me then look at yourself. I'm an hourglass and you're a cup." (I seriously heard someone say this to someone else) I raised an eyebrow not even bothering to compare bodies. "Okay random. I have to go now." I was cheering on the inside for the excuse To go home. I gave one last look to Zayn before weaving out of the crowd. I doubted Zayn would want to talk to me after all this time... Not that really wanted to anyways.

When I got home I quickly hurried upstairs and into the bathroom. I didn't hear anything in the house so I assumed Dad and Charlotte weren't home. I got out the shower and walked into my room, throwing my dirty clothes in the hamper. I quickly put on my underclothes, a loose black pajama tank top, and black silk pajama shorts. I put my hair in a wet bun and caught myself staring at my reflection thinking of cherry girl's words. I wouldn't normally think so down on myself but I was so hurt at seeing Zayn again. I lifted my shirt up a little and looked at my stomach. I looked a little lumpy from where I was looking. (Not really she is just looking for bad stuff) A day ago it was flat. I looked down at my legs. My thighs were big and saggy. Tears filled my eyes as I opened them wide. Her words were true. Putting my hair up, I grab my phone and slowly lay back on my bed. I go to the Skype app. For some reason I wanted to see my little sister's face. She was 11 now but she had the biggest brown eyes that made her look like she was 5. Her hair was raven colored and was super straight and it always was in her face. While I looked more like my dad, she fit my mum perfectly. I was about to click her wonderful face when I saw I had a friend request. I clicked a few things. My new friend was ZBradfordBoi. A coincidence? The video chat thing request came on. I reluctantly clicked accept. Zayn's face appeared. "Ken! Were you crying?" He asked suddenly. I wiped my eyes. "No I just got soap in my eyes. What's up?" He opened his eyes wide. "What's up? I haven't seen you for like 8 years. What's going on?" I tried to smile but it hurt to. "I see you're in a boy band. Pretty cool." Zayn nodded. "Yeah but it can get stressful. I would really like to meet you. I want to get to know you again." I shake my head. "I can't." His smile turned down. "Why not?" My cheeks slowly got warm from anger. "Where were you all these years huh? You just left me behind like I was nothing. Did I get a phone call or a letter once? And now you just want to pick up where you left off? When you left everything just got worse and worse and I had no one to turn to. Now you want to talk to me like nothing happened?" Zayn was in stunned silence while I was breathing hard with anger, frustration, and sadness. Zayn looked like a beat puppy. "I'm sorry." He said softly. I shook my head as a big tear slid down my red cheeks. "I have to go." I said flatly. He looked up and I could've sworn I seen tears which was uncommon. "Will I ever see you again?" He asked sadly. I shrugged hopelessly. I regretted saying this but I couldn't just end it like this. "Maybe." Without another word I signed out. Almost instantly I started sobbing . I didn't want Zayn to see me partly because he left for so many years without any sort of communication with me and partly because I didn't know what to expect. I hadn't seen him in years. What if he was a different person? He was a celebrity now. What if he had a girlfriend? Like I really cared... Or did I? I hid under the blankets waiting for sleep to claim me.
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