The 8 Year Broken Promise

Kennedy has nearly lost who she is. Everyone she loves is slowly leaving her and it all started when her best friend Zayn Malik left Bradford. As she's slowly giving in to her depression, she meets up with Zayn again. As he tries to get back into her life, Kennedy refuses to be his best friend again. He broke his promise and she can't forgive him. Can Zayn win Kennedy's heart back? Or will their lost friendship be lost forever?


1. How It All Started

I look at the ground with sadness in my eyes. My best friend Zayn Malik was leaving forever. I have known him for over 8 years now, since we were 2. He had always been there no matter what. His mum originally only wanted to get out of Bradford for the summer until she saw the new town. She said it would be a great opportunity for Zayn because the town housed a lot of aspiring artists. It only broke his and mine heart. My best friend had black spikey hair, chocolate brown eyes, and light brown skin. He was 10 like me and wore a white t-shirt, faded blue jeans, and red converse. "I'll write you and I'll come and visit." Zayn said while holding my shoulders. We were in his backyard at his going away party. I had told him for the millionth time that I didn't want him to leave. "You know that long distance relationships never work even if we're just friends." My head hung low making my loose dark brown curly hair cover my light brown face and sad olive green eyes. He put his soft hands delicately on my face and slowly lifted it up. "No matter what I will always be your best friend and you'll always be mine. Don't let my last memory of you be of you in tears." I try to smile as Zayn brushes my hair out of my face. " C'mon Kenny just be happy. It's not like I won't see you ever again." A sharp pain hits my heart. "When do you leave?" I ask while kicking a rock around. "That doesn't matter now. Let's just have fun while we can." "Zayn." I say while closing my eyes. He sighs. "Friday." My eyes open wide. "That's tomorrow!" I complain. He smiles. "Yes it is so let's live while we're still together." He holds his hand out towards me. I instantly take it. Zayn leads me back into his going away party. Everyone, old and young, were dancing like wild beasts. Zayn and I danced along with them. "Here's a song for Zayn and his special lady." The D.J. announced before playing a slower version of Someone Like You by Adele. Zayn held out his hand. "May I have this dance?" I blushed. "Are you sure Zayn? I'm not a good dancer." He gave a soft chuckle before grabbing my right hand with his right hand and putting a hand on my stomach. I put my arm on his shoulder. We both start to sway and twirl. I surprisingly wasn't an awkward dancer because Zayn took the lead and we were like graceful swans."How did you learn how to dance?" I whisper. His brown eyes warmed. "I've been practicing just for you." "Really?" "Of course." I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder. We danced the rest of the song in silence. After the song, Zayn's guy friends pulled him away leaving me alone. I walked outside of Zayn's house and down the Stoney path to the pool. The pool looked almost like moving glass. I sit down, take my shoes off , and then put my feet in. Instantly memories of me and Zayn flooded in my mind. I concentrated on a nearby squirrel to stop from crying. "I thought you'd be here." I turn to see Tommi, my other best friend, standing behind me. Tommi has short black hair, bright brown eyes, and dark skin. She sat down beside me. "Hey Tommi." She patted my back. "I'm going to miss him too Kenny." She said suddenly. I gave a shaky breath. There wasn't a point in lying. "It hurts so much! Why does he have to leave?" Tommi bit her lip. "I don't know but don't let this eat away at you. I promise you'll see him again. He's moving far away yes but he'll still be here. It's not like he's dead." I nodded. "You're right Tommi. I guess I'm just being a big cry baby." She laughed. "No you're not. Losing a best friend is hard but don't be so down, I'll help you through this." I smile at her. "Thanks for everything Tommi, I think I'm ready to go back." We both stood up and walked back to the party after I put my dark blue vans back on. When we walked in, I see Zayn holding a pillow to his body to stop from being squirted with water. When I walked closer to him, he lowered the pillow and looked at me. His eyes said 'are you okay?' I smiled really big and grabbed a cup filled with orange soda. I gave him a toast before taking a sip. He smiled really big back at me before being drenched in water. I burst out laughing as he wiped water out of his eyes. Big mistake. "Come here Kenny!" Zayn yelled before chasing me around the house. I squealed as he threw me in the pool. "Zayn!" I screamed. Zayn chuckled before jumping in after me. Now we were both soaked but it was one of the best days I ever had.

Before I know it the party's over and I'm in Zayn's yard helping him carry his bags to his mum's car. "Promise you'll write me and promise that you'll make new friends but I'll always be your best friend." He grunted as he threw his heavy duffel bag into the trunk. He closed the trunk door and turned to face me. "I promise. Now give me a hug." I stepped closer to him and hugged the lif out of him. "Bye Zayn I'm going to miss you so much!" His smile slowly turned down. "Me to. Bye Kenny ." He slowly let go then climbed into the passenger seat. His mum, Salmine, came out running holding a small bag. "This is for you Kennedy, just a little thing to remember us by. Hopefully we'll see you soon." "Hopefully." I agreed. She hurries to her car and starts it. They drive 5 houses down before the car stops. Zayn comes running out. I give him a confused look. He only keeps running. Then he nearly tackled me to the ground. "Stay safe Kay? I want to see you all in one piece when I visit. "Okay Zayn." I say softly before hugging him tightly. We get up after a few seconds and Zayn gets back in the car. He waves to me with sad eyes. I wave back as tears flow down my face. "Bye Zayn!" I scream.
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