The 8 Year Broken Promise

Kennedy has nearly lost who she is. Everyone she loves is slowly leaving her and it all started when her best friend Zayn Malik left Bradford. As she's slowly giving in to her depression, she meets up with Zayn again. As he tries to get back into her life, Kennedy refuses to be his best friend again. He broke his promise and she can't forgive him. Can Zayn win Kennedy's heart back? Or will their lost friendship be lost forever?


4. Forgiven!

I stood by a fire hydrant halfway to my house next to 4 boys waiting for Zayn. It was almost 1:20 when Harry called Zayn telling him to meet us at this exact spot. Now it was 1:40 and it seemed he wasn't going to show up. "Hey guys! What are we doing here?" Zayn called out. I was standing behind Harry and Niall so Zayn didn't see me. "We were going to ask Kennedy's parents if she could be in our music video. Can we?" Niall pleaded. "Sure, why not?" Zayn said obviously not knowing the Kennedy Niall was talking about. "Oh good we thought it would be awkward since Perry told you not to talk to her or whatever." Niall, Liam, and Harry hit Louis' shoulder. "Shut up!" They whisper-shouted. Zayn pushed past the boys to see me. "Oh." Was all he could say. I could feel the tears from my internal conflict begin to appear. "Well," Niall said before wrapping an arm around me," let's get going. We gotta be there by 2." We started walking with me, Niall, and Harry in the front and Liam, Louis, and Zayn behind us. I could feel Zayn's piercing eyes on my back. After the longest time, we were in front of my house and knocking on the front door. Charlotte opened the door slowly. "Kenn..." She stopped when she seen all the boys with me. Louis smiled at her and extended a hand. "Hi we're Kennedy's friends. I'm Louis from One Direction." Instead of freaking out like a fan girl, Charlotte shook his hand. "Hello Louis, I'm Charlotte, Kennedy's father's girl friend." The boys were escorted inside and were seated in the living room. Charlotte gave them tea and cookies. "Hey Lou, want to try some chocolate pudding?" Charlotte said to her new best friend. "Oh," Niall said jumping over Harry, "I handle the food. Louis is the girl's best friend." I laughed at that but slowly stopped when I seen Zayn staring at me. "Okay Charlotte," Harry started," we came here asking if Kennedy can join us on a trip to this place, don't ask me where, for our music video. We'll leave on Sunday and return that 2nd Saturday. We promise she'll sleep at the right times, and eat, and be treated like royalty. Please say yes." Charlotte looked at me. "I guess so. It sounds like quite the experience Kenny." "What experience?" My dad came down at that time. "Oh hey dad." I said softly. Charlotte explained everything. "I trust Zayn here. You were so close with Kennedy. You'll take care of her." Zayn looked over at me with a hurt smile. "Excuse me." I said quickly before racing up the stairs. I went into my bedroom and hid under my comforter crying softly. Why was he making this so hard? Someone walked into my room and sat on my bed. "Kennedy." I moved the blanket off my face and looked at Zayn. "What do you want." My voice was small. "Why won't you forgive me? Why won't you love me again? We used to be so close." I shook my head and turned away so I wasn't facing him. "Why not ask your girlfriend? Apparently she's telling you not to talk to me." "What are you talking about? You wouldn't forgive me even before you heard about that." "Okay you're forgiven. You couldn't control that you moved and went on with your life. Like I couldn't control that you got a crazy girlfriend." Zayn grabbed my shoulders. "Hey don't talk about Perry. You don't even know her. What about that guy named Luke. He didn't like me." I close my eyes and smile at the memory. He was a bad guy, yeah, but he helped me realize I like Zayn as more than a friend. "And I dumped him." "So you want me to dump Perry?" "No, I want to meet her. I might like her. Invite her along the trip." "Okay Kenny." Zayn said, strangely giving in quickly. I turn around to look at him. He quickly jumped on me and hugged the life out of me. "I missed you!" He shouted in my hair. I giggled and forced him off. "Whatever. I'm still mad at you." He held a hand out for me to take. I took it and stood up. "Let's get back down there." When we got back to everyone, they seemed to be happier. Louis smirked when he seen me. "Whatever, I'm like still mad at you!" He said in his best girly American voice. I blushed but thought of a way to get back at him for making fun of me. "Hey Lou, can you go downstairs to the basement and grab us all some soda from the fridge." He looked at me for a few seconds. "I guess." He said before leaving. I gathered everyone around the refrigerator. "I've been saving these for a special occasion." We all laughed evilly.
When Louis was downstairs, he heard his favorite scene from his favorite movie. He came running upstairs screaming. "That is so fetch!" He screamed again. We threw our water balloons at him. He looked up at me. "It's never going to happen." I said simply. He reached behind him and pulled out a water balloon. "Blasphemy!" I shouted before running away from him. I don't know how but we ended up in my back yard each on one side of the pool. Louis held the water balloon and I held a green noodle. "Prepare to die!" He said with a Romanian accent. I laughed. "How are you going to get me Lou when your over there and I'm over here?" Out of no where someone pushed me from behind and I went in my pool screaming like a little fan girl. I surfaced and faced a guilty Harry, Niall, and Zayn. "Sorry!" They screamed as they jumped in to. Liam and Louis came in next followed by my dad and Charlotte. We all giggled and splashed until we were freezing. "Zayn I can't believe we're messing around like how we used to when we were kids!" I said happily. He smiled and wrapped an arm around my waist. "Me either." I leaned my head on his shoulder before reluctantly letting go so he could go home along with his band mates.

I opened my window for the 5th time and felt the cool wintry breeze. I thought it would get warmer by 10, but it still was wintry cold. I was only wearing a towel and had about a hour, hour and a half to get dressed, so I went to work. I recurled my already curly hair and put on a nice olive green eye shadow along with black eye liner, mascara, and pink lip gloss. I decided to wear stretchy black jeans, a loose knit purple sweater with a drippy Love in the center, a black tank top underneath, gray boots, a black hoodie, and my plum peacoat over it as well as my gray fingerless gloves. I put on my black geek glasses just for the fun of it and head downstairs. I leaned against the downstairs' bathroom door, eating a granola bar, waiting for the knock. Five rapid knocks made me jump. I laugh at myself and rush to open the door. In come in five freezing boys and a laughing woman. She looked to be about 19 or 20. She had flawless pale skin and shoulder blonde hair. Her eyes were big and baby blue and her lips were a popping red. She wore a black beanie, a gray velvet peacoat, gray booties, and tight blue jeans. She was stunning, no beautiful. I see why Zayn wanted her. "Kennedy, this is Perrie. Perrie, this is Kennedy, my best friend from Bradford." Perrie gave me a warm smile. It hurt to look at her but I gave her a warm smile in return. "Hello, it's nice to meet you." Perrie nodded and shook my hand. There was this awkward tension before Niall clapped his hands once. "Before we leave, I need food!" I giggled and led him to the kitchen. I gave him 6 granola bars, a bag of twizzlers, and two chocolate bars, aka, my entire sweet stash. When Niall had his goodies, we went outside and into the blue car that was waiting for us. Harry put my duffel bag in the trunk before getting in the car. When we were all settled in, Louis was driving with Perrie and Zayn in the front. Harry, me, Niall, and Liam sat in the back. A little cramped but okay. "Alright kiddies, let's book it!" Louis said with a smile before pulling out and driving away. On the drive Liam told me he had a girlfriend named Danielle and she was a dancer. Louis shared that he had a girlfriend named Eleanor and she was so lovely. Harry and Niall simply said they had their eye on someone. I said that I was just single. On the long drive, it got really hot and boring. So I took off my coat and rolled up my sweater and started messing with the boys sitting around me. I poked Harry in the stomach and whipped Niall with my licorice and when he wasn't looking, I tickled Liam. "That's it Kenny!" Liam said after he caught me trying to tickle him. He, Niall, and Harry started tickling me and hitting me with licorice. I giggled until I cried. "Okay...okay...I'll stop!" The boys released me. We all shared a good laugh before settling down. I looked up to see Zayn staring at me with a longing look. I looked away quickly. I pulled out my phone and clicked the spotify app. I clicked one of my favorite songs and smiled. "You know I flaunt cha, cuz girl I really want cha. And you lookin' nice, got me cooler than a bag of ice. Now freeze, freeze, freeze, now go. Drop it fast and move it real slow, oh! What?! You smell so fruity. I'm a pirate and you're my booty,arg.So move it in close.And let me have my daily dose,(uhhh.Girl, I've been thinkin' about you, thinkin' about me,
Whatcha think about it? Five fingaz to the face, eh eh eh-ehh. Five fingaz to the face,oh its like that.
Five fingaz to the face rip rip rip-rear. Five fingaz to the face,eh eh eh-ehh.
I love Martina, Vanessa, and Georgina.It's a ladies choice, so Ima make sure to make some noise ,oh.
And now we're sweatin', got my turbo engine reevin', vroom.They stop and stare, all the haters think it's just not fair,
That I'm six foot one and I'm tons of fun. And I'm about to put this club in gear.So fellas grab a cup, what. All my ladies you know what's up, yeah
Put your hands to the sky if you're feelin' fly, and tell me that you, what?! Cuz I'm the man in charge, and ya know I'm livin' large. I got a big white house and a fancy yacht, and a garage full of classic cars. What you talking bout' boy?, oh calm down. I know you don't think you can just come up in here and buy me! Come on, you know what I got for youFive fingaz to the face (rip rip rip-rear).Five fingaz to the face (eh eh eh-ehh). Five fingaz to the face (rip rip rip-rear). Five fingaz to the face (eh eh eh-ehh) (victorious five fingaz to the face)
OH!!!" I giggled at myself and looked up. Everyone was staring at me. "5 fingaz to the face." I said with a small smile. Everyone bust out laughing until tears were running down their cheeks. Liam suddenly stopped laughing and gave an evil smile. "I know a perfect game we can play. How about Opposite Dating?" I squinted my eyes to show my confusion. "What's Opposite Dating?" Liam shook his head in disappointment. "It's a game where, for a day, you pretend that you're dating a certain person. This person can either be decided by a random chooser or drawing a name out of a hat." Niall and Harry nearly were bouncing out of their seats. "Sounds like fun. We're so in." Louis gave a nod from up front. "I'm in to. Eleanor's supposed to be visiting us on the set anyways." I gave Liam a toothy grin. "I'm in to!" We all looked at Zayn and Perrie. They both looked at each other. "Okay, sure." Liam clapped. "Very good. Now we need some sort of hatical device." Perrie hands over her beanie. "Okay, now will everyone please write your name on 3 different pieces of paper. Remember the contestants are... Zayn, me, Harry, Louis, Niall, Perrie, Eleanor, Kennedy, and Pierce from the music video shoot since she has beautiful eyes. Oh and of course Danielle. At the end of the week, you will decide who was your perfect pretend girlfriend or boyfriend and on the last day of our video making, you will get an all day date. No strings attached. Everyone agreed?" "Agreed." We all said together. We wrote our names down on three different pieces of paper and put them in the hat, including Pierce and Coraline. "Okay, I'll go first." Liam announced. He pulled out his three strips. "I have Pierce, Perrie, and Eleanor." Harry went next. "Kennedy, Eleanor, Danielle." Niall went after. "Zayn, Kennedy, Pierce." I went next. "Liam, Harry, Niall." Perrie went after. "Niall, Louis, Harry." Zayn followed. "Kennedy, Eleanor, Danielle." Louis finished it. "For me it's Pierce, Perrie, and Danielle. For Pierce its Niall, me, and Zayn. And for Danielle it's Zayn, Liam, and Perrie." Perrie giggled. "Okay guys," Liam continued, "with the people you have on that paper, you need to plan what would be the perfect date. Please be respectful of that person and their schedule. Also, as a little surprise from me, you will have a surprise date from your secret Cupid as well but you will not get to know who it is until they claim you." Louis pulled over at a hotel. "Will do Dad! Here's out first stop of the long journey ahead of us. Now we need to work out who's sharing a room with whom. I'm assuming Perrie will be with Zayn and I will be with Harry, like usual. That means Niall, Liam, Kens. You're roommates for today." Without another word, Louis carried his bags inside the nice looking inn. I can understand why. It was freezing and dark. I couldn't wait to lay down on a soft bed. Liam helped me get my stuff out of the car but I insisted on carrying it. I looked over to see Zayn carrying Perrie's 3 bags and his own. It was nice of him... Bit uncool of her considering she wasn't carrying a thing but hey that's them! Liam and Niall showed me the room where we'll be staying. It had only two big beds. "Oh don't worry Kenny, me and Niall will share a bed." I smiled at Liam's friendliness. "It's cool, I mean, we're all friends here. I appreciate your friendliness." Liam grinned. "I can't just let a pretty girl suffer now can I?" I giggled. Liam went into the bathroom and came back out wearing red basketball shorts and no shirt. Niall simply kicked off his shoes and took off his pants revealing the shorts he had on underneath. I went into the bathroom, took a quick shower, and came back out smelling like vanilla and strawberries. I wore loose gray sweats and and a gray plaid button down shirt that was a few sizes too big with my hair tied up in a messy bun. I put my dirty clothes in my extra bag, and laid down on my bed. "How can you in sweats, hair tied up, chilling with no makeup on and still make my heart hurt?" I gave Niall a toothy grin. "You're very funny Niall." I took what he said as a joke. He gave a nervous laugh before turning off the light on his side of the room. I rubbed my eyes and turned my light off to, eagerly glad for sleep to claim me.
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