These kids are special. These kids have somehow developed superpowers. These kids are different. These kids could become a danger to humanity. These kids are being chased by a ruthless company that wants to use them as slaves to rule the world. These kids are hunted.


10. Chapter 9 - Fight

Four of the five teenagers sat in the motorway service station café, eating breakfast with tired looks on their faces. Nathaniel, however, was fast asleep, his head resting on the table next to his breakfast.

"So what are we going to do next?" Asked JJ. "Because Nat had a point. We can't go home."

"We can't even contact people we know, cos telling people where we are will put them in danger as well as us." Jenny said.

There was an ominous silence which was broken by Nathaniel's quiet snoring.

"We don't even have anywhere to sleep." Added Cameron, staring pointedly at Nat fast asleep on the table.

"We're on the run. It's not like we're going to be living like kings and queens." Jenny countered.

"What was the point in us running away, anyway? What do we do now?" Lucy sighed, folding her arms and resting her head on them.

"I've got an idea." Nat mumbled, his head still on the table.


Nat pushed himself off the table into a sitting position. "I said, I've got an idea."

"I'm all ears." Jenny looked at Nat skeptically.

"We have two options. Option one is we become permanent superheroes, travelling the UK and saving the population from crimes."

Jenny glared at him.

"However, that's not really that sensible, and we'd be found pretty quickly."

"Then why suggest it?" Asked JJ.

Nat shrugged. "Childhood dream. Option two is a bit more obscure. We go and work for the secret services. I mean, they'd give us food and shelter and protection and everything, and I doubt they'd be so hell-bent on taking over the world."

"That is obscure." Lucy admitted.

"But he does have a point. We'd have somewhere safe and secure to live, and we'd probably get paid too." Theorised Cameron.

"Well, let's vote on it." Said Jenny. "Everyone in favour of working for the British secret service, raise their hand."

Everyone around the table raised their hand.

"Then it's decided. We'll go to London."


As the five teenagers got up to leave, a man wearing biker's leathers and a motorcycle helmet walked into the café and looked directly at them.

"Should we be worried about him?" JJ asked, subtly pointing to the man as he reached his hand into his thick leather jacket.

"Yes!" Lucy cried, as the man quickly pulled out a gun and fired it at the kids. Cameron stopped the projectiles in mid-air.

"Cameron, you can stop bullets?!" Exclaimed Jenny over the screaming staff.

"Everyone get down! They've got the building surrounded!" Lucy shouted, and the group ran behind the counter, which was now empty, like the rest of the building, except for the five teenagers and the groups of armed men advancing on them.

"We've got to do what they're not expecting." Nat whispered to the others.

"Which is?"

"Take the fight to them."

Lucy's face suddenly became very pale. "I'm not going up against armed men!"

"Well then you stay here and take them out using your powers, and we'll go and get them ourselves." Nat suggested. Lucy nodded hurriedly. "Ok, so Lucy's staying here. Cameron, you stay here and protect Lucy and also take out any guys coming in from any side entrances we don't know about, JJ and Jenny go round the back and take out the people out there, and I'll take the front entrance."

"Take them out how?" Jenny asked.

"Beat 'em up!" Grinned Nat, leaping over the counter and turning to stone as he did so. Everyone else poked their head over the counter so they could see Nathaniel made of stone throwing punch after punch at the man with the gun, each one landing with a sickening crunch of broken bones.

The man crumpled to the floor, and Nat turned around, beaming like a maniac. "What are you waiting for? Go get 'em!"


Jenny ran outside to find JJ running around beating up a group of armed men, literally a blur. She spotted one woman sneaking round the side through another door and ran after her, invisible. As the woman opened the door, Jenny threw a punch that collided with the woman's jaw. Jenny shook her fist in pain. She hadn't punched anyone before. The woman turned around, trying and failing to see her attacker, for Jenny was invisible. Jenny kicked out, her foot slamming into the woman's stomach and sending her crashing into the door. She slid down and lay on the floor, and Jenny kicked her in the head when she tried to get back up again. The woman collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Jenny turned around, visible again, to see JJ smiling at her. "You took your time."

Jenny rolled her eyes in reply and headed back inside.


Inside the café, Cameron was helping Lucy to her feet. Next to him was an unconscious man, and floating above his body was the gun he had been holding which Nathaniel was examining.

"This is a tranquillizer gun. They're not trying to kill us, just capture us."

"Oh, well that's a relief." Said JJ sarcastically. "I thought we were really in danger for a minute there!"

Jenny looked disapprovingly at JJ.

"Is everyone unconscious?" Nat asked Lucy.

She nodded. "The only conscious people within a mile of this place are us and the drivers on the motorway."

"Right. We need to take the back roads, stay out of sight. Avoid any major roads."

"But Nat, it'll take us ages to get to London if we don't go on the motorways!" Lucy complained.

"At least we'll get there." Replied Nat.

"We'd better ditch the jeep too. They'll be looking for it." Added Cameron.

"Ok. I'll go hotwire another car-"

"How do you even know how to hotwire a car anyway Nat?" Jenny asked, her arms folded as she looked disapprovingly at Nat.

"My dad's in jail. He's a criminal. He taught me everything he knew, despite the fact he knew I wanted to work on the RIGHT side of the law." Nat paused. "Anyway, as I was saying, I'll go get us another car, and you guys can clean up this mess."

As Nathaniel walked out of the café and into the car park, the other four teenagers looked around, at the unconscious bodies littering the floor.

"Well this is going to be fun." Cameron sighed.


Major Davis swore.

"They just took out 30 operatives by themselves."

"Yes, Joseph, I know!" Major Davis shouted at Dr. Stevens.

"So what do you propose we do next?"

"Wait until they think they're safe. They'll have a plan, so we follow them, unnoticed. Then, once they've let their guard down..." Major Davis crumpled the cup he was holding in his hand. "We strike."

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