These kids are special. These kids have somehow developed superpowers. These kids are different. These kids could become a danger to humanity. These kids are being chased by a ruthless company that wants to use them as slaves to rule the world. These kids are hunted.


8. Chapter 7 - Test

It was at 2 in the morning that Jenny, invisible, reached out from

under Lucy's bed and poked her on the arm.

"Gotcha." Muttered Lucy, and put a two fingers to her temple.

In the control room of the HQ, the guard on security duty turned off

the CCTV system, leaving the room in complete darkness, then

proceeding to fall straight asleep in his chair.


In the other room, the two boys opened their eyes.

'Guys, we are good to go. Try not to demolish everything. We want to

leave no trace.'

"You have no faith." Laughed Cameron.

"So how are we going to get out of here then Cam?" JJ asked,

clambering out of bed.

"Watch this." Cameron winked at JJ, walked over to the door, and put

his finger to the lock. After a couple of seconds, the lock clicked


JJ's mouth dropped. "How the hell did you do that?!" He exclaimed.

Cameron chuckled. "I used my powers to turn each individual tumbler

into the correct position. Who needs hairpins when you're a


Cameron turned back to the door and saw JJ standing in front of him.

"Race you."

"No way."

'Would you two hurry up?'


Cameron and JJ walked over to the door next to theirs, and and did the

same thing. The lock clicked and the door swung open, revealing Jenny

and Lucy, dressed in black jumpsuits like the boys. Standing up, Lucy

was only an inch or two shorter than Jenny.

"Well what now?" Asked Lucy, speaking with her voice for the first

time since JJ had met her.

Jenny shrugged. "I think we should break in Major Davis' office. See

if he's got anything we could take, or got any information we could


"Which way is it?" JJ enquired.

Lucy put two fingers to her temple and closed her eyes, reaching out

with her mind and searching around in the thoughts of the nearest


"Two lefts and a right. And we need to be careful - there's a couple

of guards on patrol that are headed our way."

"Can you make them not see us or something?"

"I haven't had enough practise yet to do that Jenny, I told you I can

only order people around!"

JJ spoke up before Jenny could reply. “Tell them to take a different route.”

“I was going to say that, roadrunner!”

JJ stuck his tongue out at Jenny.

Jenny rolled her eyes, and started walking down a corridor.

Lucy spoke up, smiling. “Jenny, that’s a dead end. There’s just an

empty room there.”

“Why would there be an empty room?” asked Cameron.

Lucy shrugged. “I have no idea, but that’s what it is. Empty. There’s

no-one in there, and from what I can read from the guard’s minds,

there’s nothing in there, except a statue.”

“A statue?”

“I have no idea. Check it out yourself.”

JJ sped up and ran down the corridor, glancing through the hatch in

the room and then running back.

“She’s right. Just some statue of a kid lying on a bed.”

“We can check that out later, if we have time. Right now, we need to

find every weakness they have here, and exploit it as much as

possible.” Decided Jenny.

Cameron raised his hand as if he was in a classroom, and Jenny rolled

her eyes at him. “Yes Cameron?”

“We can’t go in the main room without them finding out about us.”

“You mean YOU can’t.” Jenny pointed out, a smug smile on her face.

JJ laughed. “Well, what first?” he asked.

“You three go and search Major Davis’ office, and I’ll go take a look

around the main control rooms, and places where people are.” Jenny

ordered. The other three kids nodded.

“Then let’s go!”

“Autobots, roll out!” chuckled JJ in a deep voice. Everyone glared at him.

“Sorry.” He said sheepishly.

Jenny disappeared, leaving Cameron, Lucy and JJ standing in the middle

of a corridor.

“So which way do we go?” JJ asked.

“Follow me.” Replied Lucy, walking off down the corridor. Cameron and

JJ shrugged, and followed Lucy down the corridor.


Cameron placed his hand on the lock to Major Davis’ door, and after a

second, it unlocked with a satisfying click.

“That’s such a cool power.”

“And he can hold up an OIL RIG.” Added Lucy.

JJ’s mouth dropped open. “What?!”

“I saw it in his memories they blocked out.” She whispered to JJ as

they walked into Major Davis’ office. “They made him destroy an oil

rig, but to make sure everyone got out after he broke the legs of it,

he held it up. The whole thing. With his mind!”

“That’s incredible.”

“When you two have finished having a moment, could you come and help

me look for anything useful?” called Cameron quietly from inside the

office. Lucy glared at Cameron and walked in, JJ following close


The office was expensively furnished, with an oak wood desk sitting

opposite the door, and two velvet chairs either side of it. The long

red curtains were closed, hiding the kids from anyone outside, and the

walls were lined with an odd combination of bookshelves and television

and computer monitors, showing a variety of different things from news

channels to the CCTV of the building. On the desk was a

state-of-the-art computer, a pile of papers weighted down by a solid

metal ball and a photo frame with a picture of a younger, handsomer

Major Davis in army uniform standing next to a pretty woman also in

army uniform and holding a baby in her arms.

JJ picked up the photo and looked at it. “Is that Major Davis?”

“He’s married?!” exclaimed Lucy.

“And he’s got a kid!”

JJ felt something on the other side of the photo frame and turned it

over, finding a small post-it note on the reverse side of the stand,

impossible to find unless one was holding the picture. Carefully

peeling the note from the frame, JJ squinted at it, just managing to

make out the word written on it.

“Michael.” He read out loud.

An expression of realisation lit up Cameron’s face. “That’s his password!”

“Type it in!” said JJ excitedly.

Lucy sat down at the computer and typed in the name “Michael”. After a

second, the computer logged in, opening the desktop.

“What are we actually looking for?” asked Lucy. The boys shrugged.

“Have a look at his emails.” suggested Cameron, and Lucy opened the

emails. As the program opened, the computer beeped, signalling that a

new email arrived.

Lucy opened the email, and read it out loud.

“New mission: Telepathic required to cause the plane carrying the

board members of AEO to crash.”

“What?!” cried Cameron, and then realised that making noise was a bad idea.

JJ gulped. “They want you to…”

“Crash a plane. Yeah.” Finished Lucy.

“Delete the email, and let’s get out of here.” Said Cameron. Lucy

nodded, deleting the email from Major Davis’ inbox, and quickly

scanning the rest of the emails.

“Nothing else of interest. I already know about the missions you guys went on.”

“What are you gonna do about that mission?” JJ asked.

Lucy rolled her eyes at JJ. “I’m not doing it. I’ve been practising

wiping memories, so if Major Davis does happen to find that email,

he’s not going to remember. But just to be sure, we need to get out of

here as soon as possible.”


The trio met up with Jenny again outside their cells.

“The guard’s waking up.” Lucy announced.

“Right, everyone get back inside and Lucy can tell you guys what I

found.” Cameron nodded, locking the girls’ door behind them and then

following JJ back into the boys’ room, locking their door just as a

couple of guards rounded the corner.


The guards looked in through the hatch in the boys’ door and saw the

two of them fast asleep in their beds. As the hatch closed, JJ looked

over at Cameron and smiled smugly.

“That was close.”

“We’re never doing that again.”

Too right we’re not.’

“Good point.”

Hold on a second.’ Lucy said, and the boys fell silent whilst Lucy

and Jenny spoke.

After a minute, JJ got tired of waiting.

“So? What did Jenny find?”

Everything. There’s information about all of us on their database,

about all of our missions, and about everyone they’ve got tabs on.

“You mean… There are others?”

Obviously, roadrunner. You didn’t expect us to be the only people

with abilities, did you?

JJ was silent.

Cameron raised an eyebrow. “You really thought we were the only 4

people with powers in the whole world?”

JJ blushed, looking sheepish.

“So who else is there?” asked Cameron.

So far, two people. One who might be able to control water – they’re

not sure though – and a girl who can fly. There used to be a guy who

could turn his skin to stone, but from what his file said, one time he

did it, something went wrong, and stayed a statue instead of turning


“That’s the guy in the other room then.”

Could be, roadrunner. He’s been like that for weeks though. That's

what I got from the guards.'

"So then-"

'Jenny just made a great point. If he's been like that for ages,

chances are that's not going to change. We should leave him, because

they won't be able to do anything with him, and carrying a statue

around would just slow us down.'

Cameron shrugged. "Harsh but fair."

"We can't just leave him! What if he wakes up?" Objected JJ.

'Well if he wakes up in the next 24 hours, we'll take him. If not, he

has to stay.'

"Now come on roadrunner. That's fair, isn't it?"

JJ stared up at the ceiling and sighed. "I guess you're right."

"Well if that's all Jenny found out, we'd better get some sleep. We'll

need some energy for tomorrow." Said Cameron, looking over at JJ.

He was already asleep.

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