These kids are special. These kids have somehow developed superpowers. These kids are different. These kids could become a danger to humanity. These kids are being chased by a ruthless company that wants to use them as slaves to rule the world. These kids are hunted.


6. Chapter 5 - Solution

 “JJ?” came Major Davis’ voice through the small hatch in the door.

“Ugh…” Groaned JJ, half asleep and still in bed.

“We’ve completed your psychological evaluation, and we believe that

we’ve found a way to help you control your powers.”

JJ sat up, instantly wide awake.


The other side of the door, Major Davis smiled victoriously.

“Come with me, and we can see if it works.”

Before Major Davis had finished opening the door,  JJ appeared next to him.

"Let's go already!"


JJ sat opposite Dr. Stevens, as Dr. Stevens looked down at his clipboard.

"JJ,  we've had a psychiatrist look at your problem and what they've

come up with is-"

"Look, just tell me already!"

Dr. Stevens paused, raised an eyebrow and then continued.

"The theory that the psychiatrist developed is that your power is a

simple one - either you operate incredibly fast, or at normal speed.

And as such, it should be easy to turn your power on and off."

"How?" Asked an exasperated JJ.

"Imagine a switch, and imagine that that switch controls your power."

JJ closed his eyes and nodded. "I'm imagining it... Now what?"

"Now simply turn the switch off."

There was silence for a few seconds. JJ opened his eyes again,

"Nope. Nothing."

Dr. Stevens let out a breath of disappointment and flicked through the

sheets on the clipboard.

"Try imagining it as a door then. Imagine that your power is flowing

through the door, and to slow down all you need to do is shut the

door." JJ closed his eyes. "Go on JJ. Shut the door."

After a tense second, JJ opened his eyes again. Dr. Stevens was

smiling triumphantly at him.

"Am I?..."

Dr. Stevens nodded, and JJ laughed with relief.


Behind the two-way mirror, Major Davis pulled a mobile phone out of

his pocket and speed dialled a number.

"Ma'am, subject number 4 is now mission-ready."

There was a pause as Major Davis listened to the instructions on the

other end of the phone.

"Right away?" Another pause. "Yes ma'am. Two days is ample time to

prepare everything."

As Major Davis hung up the phone, he scoffed at how happy JJ was. He

wasn't a person, he was just another freak to be used to help the

company achieve their aim. He had no idea what was in store for him.


JJ walked back into his room grinning from ear to ear.

Cameron looked up and half-recoiled in shock.

"Who did you kill?"

JJ stopped, puzzled. "What?"

"Well why else would you be grinning like a maniac?" Chuckled Cameron.

"Oh ha ha. Very funny." Said JJ sarcastically.

JJ walked over to the mirror and looked into it, seeing for the first

time in what seemed like forever his features staring back at him in

all their detail, not blurred or moving. His light brown hair curled

slightly, stopping just above his hazel eyes. JJ smiled, and could

finally see the lines that formed on his face as he did. He looked

down the mirror at the rest of his body, marvelling at the ability to

see individual fingers.

'When you've stopped falling in love with yourself, it'd be great if

you could tell me what exactly's going on?' A voice spoke directly

into the boys' minds.

"Did you just hear that?" Cameron looked around, bemused, for the

source of the voice.

"Lucy must be awake."

"The telepath?"

"No, the flying girl." JJ rolled his eyes. "Yes, obviously the

telepath. What happened to Jenny by the way?"

'She's in here with me.'

"Okay, that is REALLY creepy." Shuddered Cameron.

'And moving things around with your mind isn't?'

JJ laughed. "So have they helped you control your power now?"

'Well done Captain Obvious.'


'Jenny told me to say that. She's been briefing me on everything she

told you guys, and it's bad. We need to get out of here.'

"What about-"

'Shush.' Lucy cut JJ off mid-sentence, and there was silence for a

minute as a few hundred metres away, Lucy and Jenny talked.

After a minute or two, Lucy spoke again.

'Jenny pointed something out.'

"What's that?" Asked Cameron, his arms folded. "I don't want to stay

here for any reason if they plan on making us kill people or


'Jenny and you have suits, but JJ and I don't. Your suits help you,

and as we're not used to our powers, suits would be really useful. And

we need to think of an escape plan, because we can't just blast our

way out of here.'


'Jenny says "No Cameron, just because you can doesn't mean you're

going to. We need to be subtle so as to get away before they send

their SWAT teams after us.".'

JJ's mouth dropped open. "They have SWAT teams?!"

'Jenny didn't actually mean- no wait, she says they have SWAT teams.'

"Subtle it is." Agreed Cameron.

"So what do you propose we do then?"

'We need to wait until we've got suits. Wait until we can break out,

when we know the guards' routine, and when we know how to get out.'

"And how long do you reckon that will take?" JJ said skeptically.

Lucy paused while she spoke to Jenny, and then thought to the boys

again. 'A couple of weeks at the maximum.'

"You do realise they're going to be sending us on missions to kill

people in which we could die ourselves, right?"

'Well unless you guys fancy escaping from hundreds of guards armed

with guns and ready to kill us all on sight, it's the best plan we've

got.' Pointed out Lucy.

JJ sighed. "Two weeks it is."


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