These kids are special. These kids have somehow developed superpowers. These kids are different. These kids could become a danger to humanity. These kids are being chased by a ruthless company that wants to use them as slaves to rule the world. These kids are hunted.


5. Chapter 4 - Jenny

JJ lay on his bed, thinking. He'd got back from the tests a few hours ago, where they'd tested everything, from his blood type to how much weight he could lift. He was coated in sweat, but hadn't been allowed a shower, or a change of clothes.

"Hey Cameron, when do we get a shower?"

Cameron looked up from the puzzle he was putting together without his hands. "Tomorrow morning. Although you need one now, I can smell you from here."

"Than-" JJ stopped as the door opened of its own accord, stayed open for a second, and then closed again by itself.

"Hello?" Called Cameron. There was no reply. "Is anyone there?"

"Break the microphone." A voice whispered in Cameron's ear.


"Do it!" The voice came again, and the wire connecting the microphone in the camera to the power supply pulled itself out. JJ sat up, attentive.

"Done." Cameron said.

"Good." It was a girl's voice, coming from thin air.

JJ looked around. "Who are you?"

The girl literally appeared in the corner of the room, standing directly underneath the camera, in its blind spot. "My name's Jenny." She looked about JJ's age, possibly a few months older than him, and had long brown hair tied back in a ponytail. Her pretty face wore many lines of stress and fatigue, and her dark blue eyes were full of tiredness. She was shorter than both of the boys, but by no means a dwarf, and was wearing a black one-piece jumpsuit almost identical to Cameron's.

"Woah!" Cried JJ, almost falling off in surprise as the girl appeared. "Are you like a ghost or something?"

Jenny laughed, a warm laugh that made both the boys smile. "No, I'm still alive and kicking, contrary to what Major Davis thinks. I can turn invisible."

"How did you get in here?" Cameron asked, looking at Jenny as if he were trying to figure her out.

Jenny pulled out a keyring from her pocket and jangled it in the air. "You can get a lot of stuff when you're invisible."

"And when you can move fast." Replied JJ.

"Oh yeah, I saw you on the track. That's pretty impressive, roadrunner."

"Roadrunner?" JJ mouthed at Cameron, who shrugged.

"And you, Cameron. You're like a Jedi, aren't you?"

Cameron chuckled. "Sorta. I can move stuff with my mind."


"So what are you doing here?" Asked Cameron.

"Same as you. Got 'recruited' by Major Davis. Then I figured out what these people REALLY want us for."

"Which is?..."

"They think we're weapons. There's this company, and they have their fingers in almost every pie out there. But there's competition, other big companies that are muscling in on the business, trying to get their share of the money. Obviously, there's no way this big company can get rid of the competition legally, and there's no way that it can be done without being traced. Hired men can be bought out, people can betray you, forensics can figure out who committed a crime... There are always traces. So this company has decided to do something untraceable. Something completely new."

"Let me guess." JJ rolled his eyes. "Us."

Jenny nodded at him. "Exactly. One of the missions they sent me on was to a building. They made me..." She sobbed, and JJ instinctively moved to comfort her, hugging her. "I think they made me kill people."

"You think?"

Taking a deep breath, Jenny continued. "They have a kind of... Helmet thing. I don't really know how to describe it. They wiped my memory, but I remember bits and pieces. They threatened my family, said if I didn't do it then they'd kill me, or kill my family."

Cameron's mouth dropped open. "Oh my..."

"I think they made me plant a bomb... I don't know. I can't remember." Tears streamed down Jenny's cheeks.

"Where have you been staying?" Asked JJ.

"In my old room. But they put a girl in there, and now I've got nowhere to stay."

JJ looked at Cameron, and the boy shrugged in reply.

"Do you want to stay here? We could shove some pillows under one of the beds or something..."

Jenny nodded, and wiped her eyes.

"Yeah, please."

"Did you talk to the girl in your old room?"

"No. She just lay there, asleep. I think they're keeping her sedated. They took some of her blood and I got out when they left."

"We need to get out of here." Said Cameron.

"No way. We're not leaving Lucy, and they haven't helped me yet, unlike you."

“Look, it’s not safe for us here.”

JJ looked at Cameron as if the latter were dumb.

“Really? You think we’re in danger? We have invisibility, super speed, AND telekinesis on our side.”

“Good point roadrunner.”

“Don’t call me that Cam.”

“Don’t fight, you two. Fix me up a bed and we can get some sleep.”

Cameron sighed and used his powers to throw some pillows underneath JJ’s bed.

“Thanks guys.”

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