These kids are special. These kids have somehow developed superpowers. These kids are different. These kids could become a danger to humanity. These kids are being chased by a ruthless company that wants to use them as slaves to rule the world. These kids are hunted.


4. Chapter 3 - Cameron

 JJ woke up slowly, his head pounding as he blinked his bleary eyes.
"Ugh. Where am I?" He groaned, sitting up. He was lying on a bed in a
rectangular room with white walls, from what he could see. He blinked
again, and everything became clearer. He was lying on a bed which had
been pushed into one corner, and opposite JJ's bed was another bed,
this one obviously used but presently empty. At the foot of JJ's bed
as a wall mounted TV which was currently switched onto a children's
cartoon channel, while at the foot of the other bed was a bookshelf,
stacked with a variety of books. The door to the room was at the other
end of the room from JJ's bed and was a thick steel door, such as
those normally found in prisons - specifically, solitary confinement.
In the middle of the room was a boy who looked a year younger than JJ,
sitting in the lotus position with his eyes closed, focusing on his
"You're awake then." The boy stated.
"Where am I?"
"I don't know for certain. Major Davis brought me here a couple of
months ago, and they've been training me ever since. What's your
"JJ. You?"
"Cameron. Why did they bring you here?"
"In case you hadn't guessed, I have super speed."
"That's alright I guess. I've got a better power though."
"Yeah. Power sounds awesome. I'd rather have a power than an ability,
it sounds so much cooler."
"Riiiiiiight... And what IS your 'power' then?"
"Look down." Cameron smirked, his eyes still closed.
JJ looked down to see his bed floating 3 feet off the floor.
"What the hell?!" Cried JJ, jumping off his bed.
Cameron laughed. "I'm a telekinetic. I can move anything with just my mind."
"That's awesome!"
"Yeah, I know."
"Hey, do you know anything about a girl that was brought here with me?"
"Well if she's a girl then they wouldn't have put her in the same room
as us. She'll be somewhere else in the building."
JJ shrugged. "Makes sense."
"What power did she have?"
Cameron opened his eyes in shock. "That's impossible!"
"Says the telekinetic." JJ sniggered.

 It was later in the day that the door was heaved open to reveal Major
Davis and a man in a white laboratory coat.
"JJ?" Said the Major.
"Yeah?" JJ looked up from the book he was reading.
"Come with us. We're going to help you slow down back to normal speed."
JJ stood up and followed the two men out of the room, Major Davis
shutting the door behind him and locking it.
"What about Cameron?"
"We don't need him at the moment. This is about you." Stated Major
Davis. "JJ, this is Dr. Stevens. He'll be helping you harness your
ability and use it for the best."
JJ looked at the man in the white lab coat, his brown hair a complete
mess and clipboard in his hand, and rolled his eyes.
It was Dr. Stevens who replied.
"We'll need to take you to a testing area and understand how exactly
it is that this ability works, and that will enable us to learn how to
help you control it."
"So what, you want me on a treadmill or something?"
"I think you're a little too fast for a treadmill JJ, don't you?" Dr.
Stevens smiled. "I had something a little more old-fashioned in

"This is impossible!" Shouted Dr. Stevens over the wind which roared
around the running track as JJ ran. "He's running faster than Mach 5!"
"Brilliant. Now. are we done here? I can't take much more of this
infernal noise!" Major Davis hollered in reply. Dr. Stevens nodded,
placing the speed gun in his pocket as Major Davis signalled for JJ to
slow down.
"JJ, did you know that you can run over 5 times the speed of sound?!"
Exclaimed Dr. Stevens.
"Nope. But it would explain why I can't hear people when I'm moving."
JJ replied.
"Well we'll need to take you to the laboratory and examine you when
you're not moving. You know, simple tests like your blood pressure how
much oxygen you breathe and suchlike. I've also had a psychologist
take a look at your profile and he should have come up with something
by now. Major Davis, would you-"
"Do not order me around Dr. Stevens. I outrank you, and word from up
top is that I'M in charge of this operation. Not you. Understand?"
Snapped Major Davis. Dr. Stevens simply nodded in silence.
"Now, JJ, you go with Dr. Stevens to run the rest of the tests whilst
I go follow up this psychological evaluation."
"Oh, and JJ?"
"We're going to need to streamline you. Because right now, the
backdraft is, well... Destructive." Major Davis nodded poignantly over
JJ's shoulder, and the boy turned to see the running track almost
completely demolished. He winced.

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