These kids are special. These kids have somehow developed superpowers. These kids are different. These kids could become a danger to humanity. These kids are being chased by a ruthless company that wants to use them as slaves to rule the world. These kids are hunted.


3. Chapter 2 - Lucy

The jeep stopped outside a terraced house, one of the many in this part of London. Like the other houses in the area, it looked uncared for, with ivy growing up the walls.

"Why are we here?" asked JJ. Major Davis turned and looked into the back at JJ.

'We've got someone else to pick up.' Major Davis wrote on the wall.

"Like me?"

JJ simply got a shrug in reply.

Major Davis walked round and opened the back of the jeep, and found it empty.

"Come on!" called JJ, standing in front of the door to the house.

Major Davis knocked on the door, and it was opened by a girl who looked about JJ's age. She had blonde hair, and was a few inches shorter than JJ, so her head came up to his chin.


"I'm here to help Lucy. Is she in?"

The girl nodded and opened the door, and JJ walked in very slowly. He didn't want to break anything. And it seemed like Major Davis was wrong. The house was in perfect order, all neat and tidy and not like anything odd was going on.

“I thought you said she was like me?" Asked JJ.

"Well, you're both different. Just in different ways."

"Yeah. Cos that makes perfect sense."

"Lucy's upstairs. First door on the left." The girl said, and Major Davis and JJ made their way up the stairs, and into the first room on the left.

The room was a standard bedroom - a bed in one corner, a desk next to it, and a bookshelf full of a wide variety of books against the other one. The rain splattered the window above the bed, the grey sky giving the room a quiet, solemn feel. Open on the desk next to the bed lay an open notebook. As JJ looked closer, he saw the book was tear-stained, with neat handwriting filling up the lines.

He turned it over, and saw the word on the front.

"Diary." He muttered to himself.

Turning back to the last page of the diary, he read the lines written there, smudged by tears.

'My head... I can hear people's thoughts, it's like they're all crammed into my head and I can't turn it off. I can hear everything everyone thinks. I can't live like this.'

JJ looked behind him, at the girl lying on the bed crying, holding a pillow over her head, trying to block out the voices, and he pitied her. What had happened to her was a thousand times worse than what had happened to him.

"Lucy?" He asked.

'Who are you?' The girl's voice seemed to miss his ears and spoke straight into his mind.

"I'm JJ."

'Why are you here? What do you want? How come I can't hear you in here?' Lucy pointed at the pillow covering her head.

"I'm moving at impossible speeds. I'm probably thinking too fast for you."

"Correct, JJ." Major Davis' voice came from the doorway. Lucy lifted the pillow up slightly, just enough to see the Major and the silhouette of JJ.

"Lucy, my name is Major Davis, I'm here-"

'I know why you're here, but you can't help me! No-one can!'

"Lucy, I'm going to make you an offer. You come with me, to a facility especially built for people like you and JJ, where I guarantee we will be able to help you control this ability."


"Let me finish. You will need to leave your family behind and come live at the facility in specially built accommodation. All your needs will be provided for, however it is unlikely you will see your family again, as it will take an indefinite amount of time for you to completely control your ability an unfortunately visitors are not permitted at the facility."

'Still yes. I can't live like this.'

"Good. Can you walk?"

Lucy pulled the pillow down off of her head and JJ could see her properly. She had shoulder length brown hair and striking green eyes, but her face was soaked with tears. She shook her head.

"Would you like me to carry you then? I've got a jeep waiting outside."

Lucy nodded, and JJ saw that she had earplugs in - obviously another attempt to stop the voices in her head.

Major Davis walked over and picked up Lucy in both his arms as if she were a newborn baby. He turned around to see the blonde girl standing in the hallway outside, glaring at him.

"What are you doing?" The girl asked.

'They're helping me, Hannah. They say they can stop the voices.'

"And can't they do that here?"

'No. He needs to take me to a special facility. I can see it in his head.'

"They're not taking you away, Lucy!"

'I can't live like this Hannah. If I have to live one more day hearing everyone's voices, I'll go insane. I just can't take it any more.' Lucy spoke into everyone's minds, the sadness obvious in her 'voice'.

Major Davis squeezed past Hannah.

"We really have got to go. I'm on a tight schedule. Come on JJ."

'I'm sorry Hannah. But I'll see you again, I promise.' Lucy called back up the stairs to her sister, who glared at them as they left the house.


Major Davis lay Lucy down in the back of the jeep on the bench opposite JJ, and closed the door. As he got in the front, he flicked a switch on the central console.

"I'm sorry you two." His voice came over the speaker into the back, as a glass partition slid across the small grate which allowed the driver to see into the back of the jeep. "But you're not getting away."

There was a hiss, and JJ started smashing the back of the jeep.

"Let us out! Let us out!"

Major Davis simply revved the jeep to drown out the noise, and soon JJ was unconscious, the knockout gas having done its work.

"You're ours now." He smiled evilly, putting the car into gear and driving away.

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