These kids are special. These kids have somehow developed superpowers. These kids are different. These kids could become a danger to humanity. These kids are being chased by a ruthless company that wants to use them as slaves to rule the world. These kids are hunted.


16. Chapter 15 - Attack

The team stood in M’s office.
“We’ve hardly been able to find anything. Whoever these men are, they’re very well-protected.”
“Do you at least know who they work for?” asked Cameron.
“Who?” Jenny said.
 M slid a piece of paper across the desk, and Nat picked it up. As he read it, his mouth dropped open.
“Who is it?” JJ leaned over Nat’s shoulder, trying to get a look at what the sheet said.
Lucy pointed out of the window behind M.
“Erm, guys…”
“What?” M turned to look.
A helicopter was hovering above the river, parallel to the building, at the exact height of M’s office.
“They shouldn’t be there.” M frowned, standing up and walking over to the window to get a better view. “What are they-”
M was cut off as the glass shattered as a bullet shot through and hit him in the chest, throwing him backwards off his feet.
Rosie screamed.
“Get down!” Shouted Nat, diving to the floor.
The group threw themselves to the floor as the bullets rained overhead, drilling into the back wall.
Cameron screamed as a bullet hit him in the shoulder.
“We need to get out!” cried JJ over the sound of gunshots.
“Everyone, out now!” Nat ordered, and the kids started crawling towards the door, which now had so many holes in it that it was amazing to see it was still on its hinges.
Then, suddenly, the gunfire stopped.
The group paused for a second, turning around and looking at the helicopter. It flew towards the building, the tall well-built man standing in the open doorway growing ever bigger as the helicopter got closer.
Nat and JJ helped Cameron to his feet, and together they followed the girls out of the room and into the stairwell.
“That was Major Davis!” exclaimed Jenny.
“I know.”
“He’s headed for the roof.” Lucy announced.
“What do we do? If we leave the building he’ll kill everyone in here!” cried Rosie.
“We fight him.” Declared Nat.
“No we can’t.” Lucy said. “The helicopter has missiles. They’ll fire at the building as soon as Major Davis is out of the way. They have orders to raze it to the ground.”
“Any ideas?” JJ asked Nat.
Nat paused for a second, thinking quickly.
“Yeah. We split up. I’ll go and face Major Davis – any more of us and they’ll fire the missiles to take us out of the way, whoever’s in charge can probably spare him – and you guys need to evacuate the building. You’re going to need at least one person to help Cameron out anyway.” Cameron nodded in pain as the blood poured down his shoulder. “You need to get him to a hospital.”
“Cameron, can’t you stop the missiles?” JJ asked hopefully.
“Roadrunner, I’m in so much pain I can’t focus enough to move a book, let alone a missile.”
“Guys, just go. I’ll catch up with you.” Nat let go of Cameron and started up the stairs. After a second, the rest of the group made their way down, except Jenny. Jenny looked back, and then ran up the stairs after Nat.
“Nat, I can’t let you do this on your own.”
“Jen, you can’t help. You’re not as strong as him, and he might kill you. I can’t let that happen.”
Jenny was interrupted as Nat pulled her towards him and kissed her.
“I’ll see you later. Now go.”
Jenny nodded and ran down the stairs after the rest of the team.

Nat pushed open the door to the roof and stepped out, the strong wind taking him by surprise and almost knocking him over. The helicopter’s blades slowed, and Major Davis stepped out, rolling up his sleeves.
“Where are the rest of the freaks?” Major Davis asked Nat.
“Not here. They’re getting to safety.”
“You know we’ll follow them. You can’t escape us.”
“I’m not trying to. I’m here to stop you.”
“You’re a kid.”
“I’m a superhero.”
“You’re a freak.”
“I can turn to stone. Fighting me is going to do nothing.”
“I can break a brick with my forehead.”
Nat chuckled. “Good luck with that”
He ran for Major Davis, turning to stone as he went. Major Davis swung a punch that connected with Nat’s stomach. As Nat doubled over, Major Davis thrust his knee up, causing it to connect with Nat’s chin with a deafening crunch.
Nathaniel collapsed on the floor, flesh and blood again, and Major Davis laughed.
“Is that all you’ve got?”
Nat pushed himself up off the ground and spat a wad of blood to the side.
“I’m just getting started.”
At that, Major Davis pulled a pistol from the holster on his belt, and fired a shot at Nathaniel.
Nat quickly dove to the side, but not fast enough. The bullet lodged itself in his stone collarbone, and Nat winced.
“I don’t feel much when I’m stone, but I felt that.”
“It’s gonna be one of the last things you feel.”
Major Davis walked towards Nat and grabbed him by the throat. He carried Nat over to the edge of the roof and held him there, his stone feet dangling above the air, the wind threatening to push both Major Davis and Nat over the edge and towards the concrete hundreds of metres below.
“You can’t turn back because the bullet will kill you instantly, so at least this isn’t going to be messy.”
Nat didn’t reply, instead attempting to loosen Major Davis’ iron grip on his neck.
“I hate you kids. You know that?” Major Davis spat. “You disgust me. You’re not human. You’re just freakish abominations, and you deserve to be killed.”
Nat struggled to speak.
“What’s that? You can’t speak?” Taunted Major Davis. “Freak.”
“My name,” declared Nat, with the last bit of air in his lungs, “is Nathaniel Morris. And I am more human than you will ever be.”
Anger flashed across Major Davis’ face and he let go of Nat, letting the stone boy tumble to his death.

The teenagers on the pavement below stared up at the scene unfolding on the roof as the staff that worked in Thames House, the MI6 headquarters, flooded out of the doors.
“NAT!” screamed Jenny in terror as Major Davis let go of Nat and let him fall. JJ leapt forwards and held Jenny back, stopping her from running towards the falling statue.
The statue crashed to the ground, shattering into a million pieces. What once was Nathaniel Morris was now no more than rubble lying on the pavement next to the MI6 building.
The teenagers stood there in shook.
“Nat…” breathed Lucy.
JJ was the first to recover. “Guys, we have to get out of here, now! We can mourn Nat later, but right now we have to get out of here, because any second now they’re going to fire missiles at this building and destroy it!”
Jenny nodded, sobbing, and ran away from the building, closely followed by Lucy. JJ and Rosie trailed behind, carrying a bloody Cameron between them.

Major Davis stepped into the helicopter with a smug smile on his face and it took off, flying over the river and hovering there again.
“Target the building.” He shouted to the pilot as he pulled the door closed.
“Target confirmed sir!” came the reply.
“Blow it.”
“Missiles fired sir. MI6 is no more.”

In the centre of London, the missiles fired into Thames House, the headquarters of MI6, the British secret service. The first missile entered the office of the head of MI6 as he lay dead on the floor and hit the wall, destroying the front of the building. Two more missiles hit, both in different places, and the top of the building caved in. More were fired at the base of the building and it crumbled from the weight of the collapsed top and the explosion of the other missiles, caving inwards and turning to dust as it collapsed to street level and sent a cloud of dust spreading across the river.
When the dust cleared, nothing could be seen except for a large pile of rubble where the headquarters of MI6 used to be, with dead and injured staff all around outside, and the shattered remains of a statue of a boy buried beneath the wreckage.

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