These kids are special. These kids have somehow developed superpowers. These kids are different. These kids could become a danger to humanity. These kids are being chased by a ruthless company that wants to use them as slaves to rule the world. These kids are hunted.


14. Chapter 13 - Public

“Explain to me in your words what happened?” asked M, leaning back in his chair and folding his fingers together.
“We were just about to find out the name of the man that hired these thugs to-” Nat stopped, looked around at Rosie, and started again.
“The men were just about to tell us who hired them when one of the SWAT team shot him.”
“And Lucy tried to find out who it was…” JJ continued.
“And I did, but then he took a suicide pill before I could read his mind properly and find out what he knew.” Lucy finished.
M paused for a moment.
“So this officer left you with nothing?” The kids nodded. “That’s frustrating. I’ll do some work into the backgrounds of both the men you were ordered to arrest and this officer, see what we can find.”
“Do it quickly. I think the family want some closure.” Jenny suggested.
There was silence for a second, and then Rosie spoke. “What do we do now?”
“Well it’d be a huge boon to the service if the media found out that there were kids with superpowers working for us.”
“And what? You want us to do a press conference?” scoffed Cameron.
M smiled. “No, of course not. However, we have information from one of our agents that there is going to be an assassination attempt this afternoon.”
“We believe it’s for Her Majesty the Queen, however as it is the State Opening of Parliament in a couple of hours…”
“Someone’s going to try and blow up the Queen and the government?” guessed Jenny.
“So what do we do?” JJ asked. “It’s not like they’re going to let 6 kids in spandex into the State Opening of Parliament.”
“I’m going to have you plugged into various security details. The fast boy will be outside, as will the telepath. The telekinetic and flying girl will be on the roof, and the one of you that can turn to stone and the invisible girl will be inside the room.”
“How am I meant to hide in a room full of people?” Nat raised his eyebrows incredulously.
“You can turn into a statue.” Jenny pointed out.
“Oh. Yeah.”

Jenny stood inside the House of Lords, invisible to everyone. She was standing in the middle of the empty floor, surrounded by the various members of government in all their official robes, and seated right in front of her was the Queen. Behind her on a hastily erected plinth was Nat, stone and unmoving, holding a trumpet to his mouth that had been painted with grey paint to disguise it as a real instrument.
One lady turned around and stared at the statue.
“I’m sure that statue wasn’t there yesterday.” She whispered.
“It’s just a statue, stop fretting.” Her colleague replied.
The woman shivered. “Yeah, but I feel like it’s watching me.”
Jenny stifled a giggle.

Got anything yet?’ Cameron thought down from the roof.
No, not yet. I don’t even know why M put us here.
“Hey, what’s that?” Rosie, in her new suit, poked Cameron in the arm, pointing down through the skylight into the House of Commons. A man was standing up, dressed as the rest of the MPs were.
“Isn’t that supposed to happen?”
Rosie shook her head. “No… Not until the guy knocks on the door.”
The man pulled his hand out of his pocket to reveal a small trigger, and opened his robe to reveal the bomb beneath it.

“What’s he saying?”
If anyone moves or makes a sound, I will blow this bomb.’ Lucy relayed. ‘You behave as if everything is normal.
Lucy, get someone to keep the doors shut. When it’s safe, we’ll go and get him.’ Rosie thought.

Nat stepped off of his plinth and into the crowd, throwing his trumpet over his shoulder. It fell to the ground with a clang.
The crowd started to scream, and then Jenny appeared in the middle of the room.
“Everyone, you need to stay as quiet as possible. There is currently a man with a bomb in the House of Commons. As soon as the doors open, he will come in here and detonate the bomb.” She announced.
 Nat waded through the now whispering crowd and muttered in Jenny’s ear.
“Where’s that guy who opens the door?”
“Oh no.”
The two of the rushed out of the House of Lords and along the corridor that led to the House of Commons.
Lucy, get JJ in here now. We need to get these people out of the building as quickly as possible ok?

The doors slammed in the face of the man with the title of Black Rod and he sighed. That was the part of the job he despised the most. He raised his stick and banged on the doors. “Open up in the name of-”
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Said Nat from behind the man, before he could knock on the door for the third and final time.
“Who the hell are you?”
“There’s a man with a bomb in there. If you open those doors, he will run out and detonate the bomb and kill everyone in the House of Lords, including the Queen.” Explained an out of breath Nat.
“Why should I believe you?”
Nat turned to stone.
Lucy? Tell Cameron and Rosie to go in.
JJ appeared next to Nat and Jenny.
“Not interrupting anything am I?” he smirked.
Jenny blushed bright red, and Nat punched JJ in the arm.
“Be professional. People could die here.”
“Sorry. So what are we doing?”
“Waiting.” Replied Jenny.

Cameron and Rosie jumped through the skylight, smashing the glass with their feet. They landed softly, Cameron with his hand outstretched towards the man with the bomb.
“What the-”
“If you detonate that bomb, you’ll kill us all.” Rosie said.
“That’s why I’ve got it.”
“We’re here to stop you.”
“And how are you going to do that?” sneered the man, his finger hovering about the trigger.
“Like this.” Cameron replied, and the trigger flew out of the man’s hand and hovered above his head.
“Who the hell are you?!” exclaimed the man as the rest of the MPs cheered.
“We’re superheroes, and we’re stopping you.” Declared Nat as he kicked the doors open and strode in, the other 3 beside him. “JJ, get the bomb.” JJ nodded, and a second later he was holding a jacket lined with explosives over one arm, and the trigger in his other hand.
“You’re under arrest.” Declared Cameron, his voice loud even over the sound of the cheering MPs.
‘Now what?’ asked Lucy. Nat shrugged.
“Go get him.”

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