These kids are special. These kids have somehow developed superpowers. These kids are different. These kids could become a danger to humanity. These kids are being chased by a ruthless company that wants to use them as slaves to rule the world. These kids are hunted.


13. Chapter 12 - Mission

The group were awoken early in the morning by the sound of the lift arriving at their floor. M stepped out, dressed in a different smart suit.
JJ groaned. “Ugh… I don’t wanna get up!”
“It is eight o’clock in the morning, which isn’t exactly early. And as you now work for us, you have to earn your keep.”
The rest of the group stirred, Nat standing up in front of M.
“That sounds an awful lot like what we ran away from.”
“That was our deal, Nathaniel. You help us, we help you. You are free to leave whenever you want.”
“Good point.” Cameron admitted.
“So what are we doing then?” asked Jenny. 
“Well primarily we need to get you all suited up. I notice that one of you…” M turned to Rosie. “Rosie, wasn’t it?”
Rosie nodded.
“Rosie doesn’t have a suit, so she’ll need to come with me and we can run some tests and see what we can do. The rest of you need to be briefed on what you’ll be doing today.”
“Which is…” “The CEO of Einsteininc was recently put into a coma. His daughter is missing, presumed dead. Reports say that two men broke into his flat in Manchester and attacked him and his wife, leaving his wife seriously injured and him in a coma.”
Everyone except Nat and M stared at Rosie in shock.
“No-one’s seen the daughter since, but our operatives believe they have located the men. It’s too dangerous to send in the force, but we need to arrest them somehow.”
“I’m going.” Rosie proclaimed.
M looked at her disapprovingly. “We need you in a suit first.”
“Either we all go, or none of us go.”
“Nathaniel, our deal was that you work for us in exchange for food and water and shelter. Working for us means that I am your boss, and as such you must do what I say. Is that perfectly clear?”
There was a tense silence as Rosie and Nat glared at M who simply stood there exerting his authority.
Finally Rosie caved in. “Fine, I’ll go. But is there something I can wear in the meantime? I have to do this.”
“Why?” M enquired.
“Because we work as a team.” Nat spoke for Rosie. “Each member of our team is necessary. No exceptions.”
Jenny and Lucy smiled.
“I will see if we have anything that you could wear. Now everyone make your way to the canteen. There will be breakfast available. You move out in 20 minutes.” M stepped into the lift and pressed the button, the doors sliding shut in front of him and leaving the teenagers alone on the top floor of Thames House, the MI5 headquarters in London.
“So we’re a team?” JJ clarified.
Nat nodded. “How could we not be?”
“We’ve known each other for less than a day.” Lucy pointed out.
“If you want to go solo, then fine. But people work best in teams. And besides, as far as we know we’re the only people with powers. So we have to stick together. For victory, and for survival.”
“Do you think this is…” Rosie looked pale.
Nat shrugged. “It could well be. But they’ll get what’s coming to them, don’t worry.”

M walked into the canteen with a black one-piece diving suit folded over his arm, and the kids’ mouths dropped.
“I’m not wearing that.” “It’s the closest thing I could find. Either you wear this, or you don’t go.”
Rosie scowled, but took the diving suit nonetheless.
"So what exactly do we need to do?" asked Jenny.
"This afternoon you will be assisting the SWAT team in raiding the block of flats in which the men are currently residing. We would like them alive and arrested, however if there is a clear and present danger to your lives then I would much rather them dead than you."
"You're giving us a license to kill?" JJ smirked.
M rolled his eyes. "I haven't heard that one before." he said sarcastically, sighing.
"You're expecting a bunch of teenagers to kill some armed and dangerous thugs?!" exclaimed Lucy.
M nodded. "You came here with the condition to help us. This is what I'm asking."
"I'm up for it." Cameron decided, his mouth full of toast. 
"I expect you all to be on your way as soon as you've finished eating." "Where to?" asked Rosie.
M handed Nat a slip of paper. "I can't tell you in here."
"Why not?"
"I don’t trust the service. They spy on people for a living."
"But…" Jenny started to object, but M had already walked away.
Lucy leaned into the centre of the table.
"He's hiding something from us, isn't he?"
"Course he is." replied JJ. "He's a spy."

The team of teenagers stood next to the SWAT team outside the block of flats that seemed to reach into the sky, and gave them vertigo if they looked straight up at it.
“We have to go up there?” exclaimed JJ.
Nat nodded.
“Yup.” He turned to the commanding officer in charge of the SWAT team. “So what do you want us to do?”
“We’ve been told that we’re here as back-up. Don’t know why they’re sending in kids to take down terrorists, but those are our orders. We’re to stand back and watch and intervene if something goes wrong.” Replied the officer.
“Well, at least M trusts us.” Cameron pointed out.
“So what do we do then?” Lucy asked out loud, not aiming the question at anyone in particular.
“Well, I reckon Cameron and Rosie should fly up and scout around, see if they can find the flat from the outside, and maybe cause a distraction if we need them to. Meanwhile, JJ takes the stairs and the rest of us take the lift. Lucy will be making sure no-one interrupts us and keeping everyone up to date, and then Jenny, JJ and I will storm the flat and arrest the terrorists. If we need you to, Cameron and Rosie, I’m trusting you two to be able to break the windows and come in and help. Does everyone understand what we’re doing?” said Nat confidently.
“Who died and made you boss?” Lucy asked, annoyed.
“If you’ve got a better plan then by all means, go ahead. Tell us.”
Lucy didn’t say anything, and the SWAT team sniggered. She glared at them.
“Good luck kids.” One of them said. “You’ll need it.”
“Yeah right.” Smirked Cameron, floating off the ground and flying up towards the top of the building, the SWAT teams mouths dropping open in shock.
“That’s impossible!” cried one officer.
“You can’t be human.” Reasoned another.
“On the contrary.” Replied Nat, turning to stone and pushing the door open. “We’re as human as you get.”

The four kids stood in front of the door to the flat in which the thugs resided, Lucy with her hand on her temple, relaying Rosie and Cameron’s thoughts out loud to the others.
“They say they’re just lounging on the sofa watching TV and drinking beers.”
“Are we good to go?” Nat asked the group. Everyone nodded, and Nat kicked the door in.
“What the hell?!” shouted one of the men.
“We are here to arrest you on suspicion of assault.” Declared Jenny’s voice from nowhere. “You do not have to say anything, but-”
One of the men pulled a gun from a holster on his belt and fired it at Nat, who simply turned to stone, the bullet glancing his arm.
“Get them!” Nat shouted, and the team sprung into action. Nat leapt over the sofa and socked one of the thugs on the jaw, throwing him backwards onto the floor, whilst JJ sped up and grabbed the gun from the hand of the other man, throwing it to the floor before he could fire it again. As Nat kicked the man on the ground in the side with his stone foot, Jenny smacked the other in the groin, kneeing him in the head as he doubled up in pain. He collapsed, groaning.
‘Guys, get in here.’ Lucy called to Cameron and Rosie. With a wave of his hand, Cameron smashed the window using his powers and he and Rosie gilded in, landing softly on the floor. As one of the men moved to get up, Nat lifted the sofa and flipped it onto the men, trapping them there.
Rosie kicked one of the thugs in the back of his head, smashing his face into the carpet and breaking his nose, blood spurting over the floor.
“Rosie!” exclaimed Cameron, grabbing Rosie and holding her back before she could move again.
“You?” spluttered the only conscious man, his eyes widening as he saw Rosie. “But… You fell off the 30th floor! You should be dead!”
Rosie twisted out of Cameron’s grip and kicked the man before Cameron could stop her.
“Why did you attack my family?!” she yelled.
“Yeah, why did you attack an innocent family?” Asked Nat, turning back to his normal self.
“Why should I tell you?”
Nat nodded, and Cameron waved his hand, the sofa pressing down hard on the men on the floor.
“Ok, ok, I’ll tell you!” The man cried, and Cameron slightly lifted the sofa up. “We were in debt from gambling, and we got approached by this smart dressed man and he offered us a lot of money to get rid of your family.”
“What else did she say? Who is he?”
“He said his name was-”
The man was cut short as he was shot in the head, a bullet passing through his brain and stopping him.
The kids turned around to see the SWAT team bursting through the doorway, Lucy behind them.
“Who fired the shot?!” Nat shouted. No-one replied. “Which idiot killed the guy just as he was about to give us information on his employer?!”
Still no-one replied.
Nat looked at Lucy and she nodded, putting her hand to her head and closing her eyes, reading the minds of the SWAT team.
After a second, she pointed at one of the men.
JJ rushed up to him and grabbed him by the collar. “Why did you do that?! Why did you shoot him?!”
“You will never know us!” Snarled the man, biting down on the cyanide pill concealed in his mouth.
“Lucy, find out!” Jenny cried as the man started foaming at the mouth, collapsing onto the floor and convulsing.
“It’s…” The man stopped moving, and Lucy shook her head. “He’s dead.”
“What the hell is going on?” asked the leader of the SWAT team, raising the visor of his helmet and looking confusedly at the scene in front of him.
Nat shook his head, wiping sweat from his brow.
“I have no idea.”

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