These kids are special. These kids have somehow developed superpowers. These kids are different. These kids could become a danger to humanity. These kids are being chased by a ruthless company that wants to use them as slaves to rule the world. These kids are hunted.


11. Chapter 10 - Rosie

The van pulled over and JJ jumped out, running off into the trees.
"Sorry guys, I've been desperate to go for ages!" He called back over his shoulder.
"Well hurry up! We haven't got long!" Jenny called after him.
'Erm, guys?'
'There's someone else in the forest. A girl. She saw JJ run.'
"Where is she?" Cameron asked.
'About 50ft in the air, up a tree.'
"I'll go look for her." Cameron jumped out of the car's rear doors and flew up above the tree line.
"Which way?"
'100 metres south.'
"How am I meant to know which way's south?"
'Use the Sun.'
"Oh yeah."
Cameron looked up for a second to work out which way to go and then flew off, scanning the trees for the girl. After only a couple of seconds, he found her, crouched on the highest branch of one of the tallest trees. Cameron frowned - there wasn't any way to climb to where the girl was, so how had she gotten there?
"Hey!" He called down.
The girl looked up. She raised one eyebrow at Cameron, and then jumped off the tree. Before Cameron could fly down and stop her, she flew up to him. Cameron's mouth dropped open.
"You can fly?!" He exclaimed.
The girl nodded shyly, biting her lip. Her long black hair fell over part of her face, and one bright green eye stared at Cameron.
"You can too?" The girl's accent was from the north of England, Cameron could tell the instant she opened her mouth.
"Not really. I'm a telekinetic, I'm actually just moving my body with my mind, but it's basically flying."
"And there was someone down there moving faster than I could see."
"That was JJ. He can move super-fast. I'm Cameron by the way." Cameron held out his hand and the girl shook it, 100 feet in the air.
"I'm Rosie."
"So are you a telekinetic too?"
Rosie shook her head. "No, but I can fly. Faster than an aeroplane."
"What are you doing out here? This is the middle of nowhere."
"I saw your friends fighting at the service station. I followed you here."
'Lucy, you're not gonna believe this.' Cameron called.

Cameron and Rosie dropped down in front of the truck.
"This is Rosie." Cameron announced.
Nat just looked at him.
"She can fly." He added.
"She hasn't got wings." Objected Jenny.
"I don't need them." Rosie started to lift off the ground, hovering a foot in the air.
"Ok, now that's cool."
JJ appeared next to Cameron. "Who's the flying girl?"
"Rosie. Rosie Gallagher." Rosie held out her hand, and JJ shook it.
"Nice to meet you."
"Are we gonna stay here all day?" Nat asked, leaning out of the car window.
'What do we do with Rosie? I've read her mind, she hasn't got a home to go to.'
"Rosie, do you want to come with us?" Jenny smiled at Rosie.
Rosie nodded. "Yeah, ok."
"You're gonna have to come in the car. We don't want to attract attention." Nat said. Rosie frowned, confused.
"What do you mean?"
Nat turned to the rest of the group. "Who wants to explain?"

"So you're on the run from an evil corporation that wants to use you as tools to help them take over the world, so you're going to work for MI6?"
"Basically, yeah." Confirmed Cameron.
"As you know, Cameron's-"
"A telekinetic, and JJ has super speed, yeah." Rosie finished Lucy's sentence for her.
"As for everyone else..." Nat pointed over his shoulder. "Jenny can turn invisible, I can turn myself to stone, and Lucy's a-"
"Eyes on the road, Nat!" Lucy squealed, and Nat jerked the car back onto the right side of the road.
Jenny took a deep breath to calm herself. "Lucy's a telepath."
"You can read my mind?"
"And a lot more." Lucy raised an eyebrow, and there was a tense silence.
"Aaaaaanyway... What were you doing following us? Why aren't you at home?" JJ asked, breaking the tension.
Rosie paled. "My dad..."
Jenny put a comforting arm around Rosie's shoulder. "Don't worry. It's ok."
Trying to hold back tears, Rosie started again.
"I can home from school a few days ago, and I went into our flat and opened the door to the living room, and inside there were some masked men pointing a gun at my mum and my dad was lying on the floor and his head was bleeding and-" She choked back a sob. "And then they saw me and I just ran. I wasn't looking where I was going and I went over the railing and dropped and then... I discovered I could fly."
There was a stunned silence throughout the car.
"Then what?" JJ asked.
"I couldn't go back because they knew I'd seen them and I could identify them and I couldn't contact anyone because I left my phone at home with all my numbers in so I've just been flying around... Then I saw you guys and I followed you because I thought you might be able to help me."
"We can." Nat said. "Probably."
"We don't know for certain if the secret services will want us." Explained Jenny.
"But the chances are they will. They'd just be dumb to turn down 6 superheroes."
"Is that what we are, JJ? Superheroes?" Asked Lucy.
JJ shrugged. "Why not? We've got uniforms - except Rosie, obviously - and we've got superpowers... We're a superhero team! Like Justice League!"
"You're Aquaman." Cameron added quickly. Nat snickered.
"No, if anything, YOU'RE-"
"Grow up you two." Jenny rolled her eyes. "Nat, how far are we from London?"
"I dunno. Two hours. Well, one if you let me break the speed limit."
Jenny glared at him.
"She's glaring at me, isn't she?" Nat asked, not taking his eyes off the road.
"Yup." The rest of the car replied.
"I knew it. Two hours it is."

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