Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


3. X factor Niall p.o.v

Today im hoing to the x factor auditions.I just cant wait to go.Im going to make a surprise for Michelle.She doesnt know im coming.Im also coming over to England with my friend Sean.Hes my secound best friend,Michelle was always first .I cant wait to see Michelle.The way she smiles makes me weak in the knees."Niall, come to the car we're going to the airport"called my mother out of the car.I quickly grabbed my suitcase and ran to the car.I couldint stop thinking about her.Finally we arrived at the airport.We went through check up and headed to the airplane.Sean was singing starships all the time."Shut up Sean will you?how can you like that girlish song?"i said and smacked him in the ass playfully.He wasnt happy he looked at me ."You dont like that song?"he moaned."Not very much"i burst out laughing.We went into the plane.I ran to get a place beside the window."Im definatly sitting beside the window"i said.Sean laughed at me.We finally sat down and the plane went into the air."Im going to sleep"i said yawning.I put my beats on and listened to music, also thinking about Michelle.My mom woke me up."We've landed honey" my mother said.I got up and went out of the airplane, we took the taxi to our hotel. we rested for a bit then we headed for the X-factor auditions.'' Iknow you can do it bro,....'' said sean while we were in the taxi hading for the auditions'' ya' hun'.. said my mom'' yeah right! i bet there are hundreds of great singers there they'l never pick me......'' i said '' dont say that!, of course you will!'' said my mom.'' yeah bro,'' said sean. when the taxi stopped, we had to wait outside in this huge crowd. when we finally got inside the place, it was HUGE!! we whent up to the reseption. '' name?'' asked the lady with an american accent.'' Niall Horan'' i said, the lady gave me a sticker. I stuck it at the back of me and  waited for my name to be called. '' take a deep breath hun,'' said my mom. she was nearly as scared as i was '' don't worry about any'tin, its just you and the stage''said sean. '' you and the stage you and the stage.......'' i thought. I was interupted by my name being called. '' NIALL HORAN, can you come up to the stage now,'' called a lady with purple hair an a pierced belly button. '' this is it , i need to do this...... for michelle''


Michelles p.o.v

Niall, Niall, Niall thats all i think about. this new house is great an all, but without niall its nothing. why did i have to move? why was i sooooo stupid? skpe ,texting, calling. its not the same. I havent even told him how i feel about him. i love his smile, the way he looks at me, like i am the only girl on earth. I am gonna book the next flight to mulingar. Tonight.


Nialls P.O.V

i got through !!!!!!!!!!! '' YOU DID IT HUN!!!! screamed my mom jumping up and down wth happiness'''' I TOLD YOU!!!!! screamed sean. ''' I DID!!!! ''' That calls for a celebration, were going to nandos,!!!! said mom . I looked at my watch. 7:30. ''mom, i doubt they'd be open, its 7:30!, and i bet they dont have that in london!''i said  '' i reserved a table '' said my mom'' a table for 3 at 8:00 sharp.'' '' Its gonna be great'' assured sean '' ok'' i said forgetting about visiting michelle'' lets GO!!''


Michelles p.o.v

ok i have everything packed and ready to go.'' MA' ARE YOU READY?'' i screamed'' it's nearly eight!!!'' ''yah hunny, and stop screaming youre causing my eardrum to pop!'' '' sorry ma'' i said whispering. I started pulling my luggage towards the car, '' OMG!! '' i said '' i nearly forgot the picture!!!!!!'' i bolted up the stairs and it was there just where i left it. '' the photo's still there'' i said calmly lifting it up and kissing the picture of me and Niall under the blossom tree. i walked towards the door and turned back to check if i forgot something. '' nope, everythings packed'' i said to myself.'' ya ready hun''' said my mom when i was in the car. ''yeah'' i said '' i'm totally ready''. we drove out of the driveway and onto the big motorway.'' no turning back now'' i said '' no turning back''

Nialls p.o.v

'' 'dis eef uger is orgous'' said sean with his mouthful spitting as he said it.'' i ow'' i said doing the exact same thing '' i knew you'd love it'' said mom eating her chicken and garlic wrap. We got a seat at the window so you could see the streetlights and the people walking and talking in deep conversation. just then i saw a red ford car come driving by heading for London airport.'' Hey'' i said '' that looks like michell's car''  '' you must be dreaming bro, i cant see anything'' said sean mockingly '' you must be head over heels for michelle, imagining her car''.'' leave him alone'' said mom '' he is just worried about her that's all, right hun?'' '' yeah'' i replied they changed the subject and were taking about celebs for a while.'' i was just imagining it '' i reassured myself . we stayed in nandos till 9:30. we got tired so we went back to the hotel.''' imagine '' i told myself '' tomorrow you and michelle together '' .'' night'' said sean '' night'' said mom '' night'' i said happliy. the earlier i sleep the earlier i wake up and see michelle. she will be soooo happy.



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