Is He The One? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Michelle has been friends with Niall Horan since they were small.Michelle has to move out of Ireland and live in England.One day Niall goes and auditions for the x factor.Will she meet him?Will more things happen between their friendship?Well read on and you'll find out :)


23. What happened? Nialls p.o.v

2 weeks later....


I woke up not seeing Michelle beside me.Whats wrong?Where is she?I got up and got a shower,When i finished i dressed into my american jumpsuit and headed downstairs to the kitchen.I saw Michelles mom cooking.


Goodmorning Niall would you like some Irish breakfast?'

'Yes Mrs kelly im really hungry'

'Niall i told you to call me Priscilla not Mrs Kelly'

'Okay Priscilla'

'Here you go enjoy the food'

'Thanks Priscilla'

I walked to the living room and turned the TV on.I sat on the couch and started eating.I wonder where is Michelle still.I went inside the kitchen and started washing the dishes.I finished and suddenly i heard a slam in the hallway."Michelle" i shouted while running into the hall."O hi Niall whats wrong?" she asked me."Whats wrong?Where were you Michelle?Me and your ma was very worried" i said hugging her."O sorry i really wanted to buy skittles because my Ellie ate my ones and you know i cant live without skittles" she said shoving the bag of sweets in my face."Alright babe lets get ready for the beach" in said walking into my bedroom.I got dressed and watched TV in my bed waiting for Louis to come.


Michelles p.o.v

I went up to my bedroom and and took a shower.I came out in my towel and headed to my wardrobe.I went started picking out clothes.I picked out high waist american design shorts,american design shirt and white knee high converse.I loved New York caps so i picked out my lucky pink and turquoise Cap.I also puted on the cladagh ring that Niall gave me and a pandora bracelet.I got my pauls boutique bag asswell.Heres the outfit:














I looked in the mirror and looked lovely.I straightened my hair and put the cap on backwards.Suddenly i heard a really loud knock on the door. "Niall open the door its probably Louis" i shouted."Okay" he shouted.I walked downstairs and saw the boys in the porch."Hello boys": i said giving each of them a hug."Hello michelle" Harry said."Hi" Zayn saidnd  and the rest said hi asswell."Wow your house is huge Liam went over to a horse with a name tag that said 'Bailey',Is that your horse and he was trying to bite his head off?" Louis said."Okay we're going to a beach and we're going to live in a camper for a few days until the music video is going to be recorded" Liam said."Okay guys do you want to stay for a few minutes or so here maybe i could show you my house?"  asked them."No sorry Michelle we have to go NOW!" louis said and pushed me out of the door."Wait gotta say goodbye to my mom and sisters" i said."OK YOU GOT 2 MINS GO GO GO!" Harry shouted.I ran to my mom and huged and kissed her goodbye and then done the same to my sisters.

I ran to the orange van that Louis owened and he started to drive onto the motorway.I was sitting on Nialls lap beside Niall Liam was sitting,beside Liam was sitting beside Zayn,Harry was sitting beside Louis who was driving."Michelle is Bailey your horse?" Liam asked."Yup hes my little boy" i said."Well i dont like him he nearlly bit my head off" he said rubbing his hair.I gave him a dead glare."He doesnt like people who and STICK THEIR HEADS UP HIS FACE!" i said."Okay what ever you say...."Hey Michelle where did  you get your clothes?America?" Harry asked me laughing."Styles i go them in England" i said making him pissed off with my magic power.I could see him melt.Haha stupid Styles.We finally arrived at the beach.There were lots of different cameras and people and FOOD!.I could see Niall licking his Lips."Niall hungry Eh?" i said punching him in the shoulder playfully.The boys went to talk to the director and they would start recording some scenes now.I just went to the camper we were staying in."O MY GOD HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO LIVE IN HERE WITH FIVE BOYS" I screamed.Okay calm down a bit Michelle you probably will sleep with Niall,But the boys do pranks on each other.Crap no privacy for a girl.Got an Idea I will ring Britney to come over.I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed Britneys number.


'Hello Britney whats up?''

'Hi Michelle im fine'

'What ye doing?"

'Just playing Sims 3'

'Oh alright wanna come to a beach?'

'Uh okay where?'

'(Enter your favourite beach)'

'Okay what are we going to do there?'

'Just hang around with one direction'

'Fine i'll be there in a few hours need to pack'

'Oh bring lots of clothes cuz we're staying here for five days'

'Are the boys recording the music video in that beach?"

"Yup thats why im callin you because i dont want to be here alone with the boys'

'Okay bye i'll pack up and i estimate i'll be there in a hour with my dads helicopter"

'Okay seeya hun im waitin"


I changed into my swimsuit.It was a black one piece swimsuit.It had lots of silver jewels on the front.Heres the swimsuit:

Autours Note*****


Hello guys its Minxiy.Cherry i guess is not writng any chapters anymore.So guys if you dont give me any ideas i will have to end this story.Please comment,like or favorite.It wont kill anybody and will help me really much.I guess if yous dont comment ill have to end this.I also need co-authors so if you want to be one just ask.Thanks love you soo much people and follow my twitter minxyxxxx.Thanks again.

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